How Bespoke Garden Rooms Can Make Brilliant Offices

Bespoke garden rooms are excellent office solutions for anyone who works from home. Rather that losing a room from inside your house to a work space, building a bespoke office will meet your needs much better. Not only that, it means the rooms within you home can remain a strictly business-free zone.

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established company, a garden room that’s bespoke to your needs will make your life a lot easier. Don’t let any associated costs put you off, this is the sort of thing you can finance on and record as a business expense. Just check with your accountant for the best route to follow.

Why Bespoke Garden Rooms are Best for Your Business

If you’re considering bespoke garden rooms, then you must be aware of some of the positives already. In case you haven’t covered all bases, the below list will point out all the positives.

Bespoke garden rooms are made with your needs in mind

The most important word in the phrase is ‘bespoke’. It means that you can have exactly what you want, providing it isn’t totally unsafe or impractical. So if the office in your imagination is a certain size or shape, if there’s space, then you can have it.

When you’re planning an office where every need can be met, it’s essential to think separate ‘needs’ and ‘wishes’. If your budget allows you to build whatever your heart desires, then there are no barrier. Having a planned budget might restrict some of your ideas, so it’s better to figure out what’s a necessity and what you can live without.

Bespoke Garden Rooms

You can plan for space-saving furniture

Having a small garden doesn’t need to limit the potential of your garden office. A smaller garden building can be just as easy to work with as a bigger one if you have an idea of size from the outset. 

Things like desks that fold into the wall can save an incredible amount of space. It’s even possible to get dual purpose bookcases that can slot in seating when its not being used and plush furnishing that have storage in the base. As long as you’re savvy you can fit everything you need into a small office space. 

When looking at a bespoke office, check whether they can build integrated furniture into the design and remember to get a quote.

Wow your clientele

By creating a bespoke work space, you’re able to match your needs and your client’s needs all in one place. This allows you to show your clients (and potential clients) that you ‘get’ them. If your customer’s shop around before they pick who to work with, your bespoke office could sway them towards you. After all, when choosing someone to work with, you’re looking for someone on your wavelength. Parting with your money is a big thing, and being reassured you’re using the right person is key.

However you choose your office to look, it’s important that it’s in-line with your needs. Needs come first, a flashy office comes second. Spend time with the planning expert before making any huge decisions and always ask their advice.


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