Great Businesses to Start from Garden Studio Rooms

Great Businesses to Start from Garden Studio Rooms

Garden studio rooms are a fantastic place to dream up and start a brand new venture. They give you a dedicated place to work from home and could mean the beginnings of huge earning potential.

Once you’ve got a seed of an idea, all you need to do is grow into into a money-making machine. With technology being what it is today, and great internet being so readily available, there are far more successful businesses being started from home than ever before.

Operating businesses from garden studio rooms can be an easy way to keep your work like separate from your home life. Setting up a clear business space away from your living area can help productivity in your work, and allow you to relax after hours.

Businesses That Can be Started From Garden Studio Rooms

When you’re considering starting a business, researching your ideas is key. The most common reason new businesses fail is that not enough research was done before the business was started. By checking your market is there and investigating what they might want from you, you’re essentially future proofing your business.

If you have a garden studio room you are able to work from, it should minimise your initial business costs. If you’re thinking of having one built, it might make more sense to wait until the business is established.

Garden studio rooms allow for all kinds of flexibility, meaning almost any business can thrive. Below is a list of some great business that can be operate out of your garden studio.

Online Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

Why waste time chasing down your clients in a gym, when you can reach them in their very own home? Offering workouts and advice online means you can see more clients in a day and offer flexible times. Working remotely is the future and clients are more likely to use you if they’re not paying a massive gym membership on top!

Bookkeeping Business

If you’ve got experience with accounts and want to earn some cash, a short course in bookkeeping isn’t very expensive. Once you’ve qualified, you can help other small businesses keep on top of their finances. Garden studio rooms are great places for seeing clients, but bookkeeping technology is so good now that you could work remotely with clients from all over. 

Freelance Writing

If you’ve got writing experience and enough examples of your work to build a small portfolio, you can set yourself up as a freelance writer. Websites such as Freelancer allow you to create a profile and find clients who are searching for writing services. It can take a while to build regular freelance work, but it’s a great way to begin working from home.

Great Businesses to Start from Garden Studio Rooms

Handmade Clothing Business

There’s always a demand for bespoke clothing, so if you’re a dab-hand with the sewing machine, this business might be perfect for you. Handmade children’s clothing seems to be the most popular type of sewing business, as parents often search for something special for their kids. Smaller clothing also helps the business run more efficiently. Children’s clothes require a small amount of fabric and don’t take as long as adult’s clothing to make. 


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