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Marketing The Business You Started in Your Office Pod

When you start a business in an office pod in your garden, marketing needs to be huge focus in your business strategy. Having a business premises that isn’t in a commercial building and isn’t visible from the street can create a few obstacles for getting noticed. Luckily, in the age of technology, these obstacles can be easy to overcome, all you need is a strong marketing strategy.

Working from an office pod is a very modern business set-up that needs an equally modern marketing strategy. Almost all of your marketing should be done online to help you get the broadest reach. Whether you’re hoping for local clients, or can work with customers remotely from around the world, online marketing will reach your ideal client base.

Attracting customers to your office pod business

The one thing all businesses have in common is that customers are essential. Customer retention should be easy if you can continue to give your clients exactly what they want at the prices they want to play. Customer attraction has always been a little more complex. These practical tips for internet marketing will help you reach your target audience and attract more customers to your office pod business.

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Narrow down your demographic

Trying to attract everyone – no matter their needs and budget – is likely to be a fruitless approach. Attracting the wrong kind of customer can ultimately cost you both time and money. Narrow down specifically what your business does, and the sort the people it does it for. Be realistic in your expectations, shooting for the big clients when you’re an unknown business is unlikely to be successful. Consider where your customer base is (i.e. local/global), what their needs are, and what you can do for them.

Find our where your clients are on social media

Although it seems like everyone and his dog is on Facebook, it might surprise you to learn that generation Z (and younger millennials) tend to shy away from it, in favour of other networking apps. Although Facebook is a safe bet, and it’s always advisable to have a Facebook business page, if you’re aiming for clients of a certain age group, it might be advisable to look at other networks.

Build an online community to bring customers to your office pod

Facebook allows you to build a community around your business, which is something you absolutely should do. No matter what line of work you’re in, your business needs a Facebook page, and could probably benefit from a Facebook group too. If your business has a local focus, create a group that is useful to people in your area. Advertising your business should come second to community building, if the local community trusts you and interacts with you, it’ll do wonders your work life. 

Alternatively, if your client base is global, start a group that offers small titbits of free advice. Use both your business page and your group to build trust. Nobody likes constant advertising shoved down their throats, so try to keep your business agenda as subtle as possible. If your business name is visible online, and trusted in the community you’ve built, your client list will grow naturally.

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Spend money on targeted ads

Targeted ads can be difficult to get right, but once you’ve cracked it, they’re worth their weight in gold. Narrowing down your audience based on location, age and interests can get your advertisements seen by the right people. Targeting the right people will also keep your marketing costs low, and your investment rate of return strong.

 The key thing to remember when trying to drive customers to your office pod business is to stay active online. If social media marketing takes up too much of your time, hire a freelance social media manager. That way, you haven’t committed to an employment contract, but your online strategy can continue. It’s important to remain relevant and useful in order to be remembered, so constantly tweak and improve your social strategy.


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