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5 Businesses You Can Start from Outside Rooms on Your Property

Outside rooms are a great place to start your own business. Working for yourself from your own home is something many people dream about. Sadly, not everyone can achieve that dream because they don't have the time or the space.... Read More...
summer house office

Is a Summer House Office Right for Your Business?

While many people are looking for a professional solution for working from home, a summer house office might not have occurred to everyone. An office in a summer house does sound convenient. It means you won't have to commute to... Read More...
Garden bars to Garden dens

Garden Offices by Day, Garden Dens by Night

The wonderful thing about garden offices is they can quickly convert to garden dens. In fact, it's advised that your office has a second function. By using your garden office for more than work, you might be able to avoid... Read More...
elite garden room 2

Elite Garden Rooms Make Great Executive Offices

Elite garden rooms can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to home businesses. Opting for a high-end garden room to work from is a great way to show you mean business. Not only does it provide... Read More...
best outbuilding for home offices- canopy room

Work From Home With These Outbuilding Ideas for Your Home Office

A garden office is a sought after structure for those who work from home. There are a few outbuilding ideas that work well as home offices, but not every structure makes a suitable office. Home owners often like to consider... Read More...
summer house office

How Home Office Buildings Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Home office buildings are a handy addition to your property. They give you more space and a smart place to meet clients, but they can do so much more than that. Home office buildings can help you achieve your business... Read More...
Home Office Buildings

Alternative Uses for Garden Home Office Buildings

Home office buildings are usually just that - a building that houses your home office. But what if they need to be something else too? Your accountant might advise you that home office buildings need more than one purpose. If... Read More...
Tips to Make Your Garden Office Plans a Reality

Tips to Make Your Garden Office Plans a Reality This Summer

Every home business owner has daydreamed about garden office plans. After all, an office in your own garden is incredibly handy. You can work flexi-time, with no commute, but unlike re-purposing a room inside your home, your business has a... Read More...
Plants for small garden rooms

Easy Office Plants to Grow in Small Garden Rooms

Small garden rooms make lovely work-from-home offices.  If all you need is your own corner of the earth to do you work (along with a WiFi connection and place to rest your coffee), then a garden office is right up... Read More...
Home Office Buildings

How Outside Garden Rooms Can be an Asset to Your Home Business

Building outside garden rooms can seem like a big step to take for your home business. Although there's lots of advice out there saying you need to expand your workspace as soon as you possibly can, you might have a... Read More...
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