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garden lodges into home offices

Turn Your Garden Outhouse into the Perfect Place to Start a Business

A garden outhouse is a great room that can be used for many things. While some people prefer to set up a sitting room to entertain in or a studio to work out in, it's also a great place to... Read More...
a garden pavilion is a great office space

Is a Garden Pavilion the Best Choice for Your Home Office?

Figuring out which room to set up your home office in can be tricky. Should you use a room in your main house or would a garden pavilion be a better option? These are important questions to ask yourself before... Read More...
Bespoke Garden Rooms

How to Set Up a Cheap Garden Office for Your Home Business

Starting a business from home can be quite costly in the beginning, which is why it's sensible to go for a cheap garden office when you need somewhere private to work. Once your business is up and running, it can... Read More...
garden rooms are great places to work

Why Garden Rooms Make Great Offices

Garden rooms are often used for leisure activities, but they're also a great place to work from. They're quiet, secluded and should pick up the household WiFi signal, making them a perfect home office setting. Even if your garden room... Read More...
office pod business

Marketing The Business You Started in Your Office Pod

When you start a business in an office pod in your garden, marketing needs to be huge focus in your business strategy. Having a business premises that isn't in a commercial building and isn't visible from the street can create... Read More...
Garden Office of Your Dreams

Garden Office Ideas: How to Decorate and What to Buy

Most people need to read a few garden office ideas before they commit to finalising plans. There are so many different options when it comes to decorating your garden office, and such huge price variations. The best way to decide... Read More...
cube room garden office shed

Money Saving Hacks for Working in Your Cheap Garden Office

The whole point of creating a cheap garden office is to keep business expenditure low. It's a sensible approach to be frugal when running a business, especially in the first few years when revenue can be unstable. This is why... Read More...
starting business in garden outhouse

Working from Your Garden Office Pod – How to Stay Healthy

Working from a garden office pod is fantastic if you work from home. There's no commute, you can work the hours that suit you and you can even wear your pyjamas while you're doing it. The only trouble is, you... Read More...
Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Once you've invested in building an outdoor office, it's likely that you'll be spending a lot of time in there. Studies suggest that those who work from home tend to spend more time on their work project than those who... Read More...
furnishing your garden pod

How Garden Cabins Make a Perfect Productivity-Boosting Workplace

Garden cabins are becoming a popular place to work from home. Not only do they provide a quiet workspace, free from interruption, they are also a natural hub of productivity. Most people who work from home take great joy in... Read More...
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