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Money Saving Hacks for Working in Your Cheap Garden Office

The whole point of creating a cheap garden office is to keep business expenditure low. It's a sensible approach to be frugal when running a business, especially in the first few years when revenue can be unstable. This is why... Read More...
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Working from Your Garden Office Pod – How to Stay Healthy

Working from a garden office pod is fantastic if you work from home. There's no commute, you can work the hours that suit you and you can even wear your pyjamas while you're doing it. The only trouble is, you... Read More...
Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Once you've invested in building an outdoor office, it's likely that you'll be spending a lot of time in there. Studies suggest that those who work from home tend to spend more time on their work project than those who... Read More...
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How Garden Cabins Make a Perfect Productivity-Boosting Workplace

Garden cabins are becoming a popular place to work from home. Not only do they provide a quiet workspace, free from interruption, they are also a natural hub of productivity. Most people who work from home take great joy in... Read More...
Why Insulated Garden Buildings Make the Best Home Offices

Why Insulated Garden Buildings Make the Best Home Offices

Insulated garden buildings are becoming increasingly popular with those who work from home. Having a stylish office at the bottom of your garden gives you a contemporary workspace that's enjoyable to work in. Aside from this, there are hundreds of... Read More...
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Garden Offices: the Essential Investment for the Modern Entrepreneur

Garden offices are a fantastic investment if you're working from home. Whether you've just started your business, or you're ready to take the next leap, a garden office needs to be your next step. The internet has made it more... Read More...

How to Get The Most Out of an Office Sale

Running a business from home can involve a fair few start-up costs (even if you buy during an office sale). If you're lucky enough to have a dedicated office in your home (or a garden office) you're going to need... Read More...
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Create a Cosy Workspace with an Insulated Garden Office

Decorating your new at-home workspace is an exciting step in your business journey. If you plan on opting for a cosy feel, an insulated garden office is a great place to start. Many businesses can benefit from a 'homely' style... Read More...
Working in garden offices all year round

Why Garden Offices are the Best Place to Work All Year Round!

Garden offices are often in the thoughts of people who work from home. Most people who are self-employed and work in their own home will have daydreamed about a garden office more that once. The truth is, if you run... Read More...
cube room garden office shed

Pointers to Successfully Launch a Business from your Garden Office Shed

A garden office shed is a fantastic way to work from home, but keep your personal life separate. More and more people are investing in garden office buildings to help them achieve their self-employed dreams and get their new ventures... Read More...
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