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Practical Tips for Working From Home During Coronavirus

Working from home has suddenly become the norm with Coronavirus closing offices all over the country. Surprisingly, perhaps, home working is new to a lot of people. Here are some practical tips for new home workers. 1) Keep office hours... Read More...
Great Businesses to Start from Garden Studio Rooms

Great Businesses to Start from Garden Studio Rooms

Garden studio rooms are a fantastic place to dream up and start a brand new venture. They give you a dedicated place to work from home and could mean the beginnings of huge earning potential. Once you've got a seed... Read More...
If you've got a home business that you take seriously, it's important to have a dedicated office space. The good news is that space doesn't need to be too formal. Surprisingly, garden sun rooms are a popular choice, despite the laid back impression they give off.

Why Garden Sun Rooms Can Make Great Workspaces

Garden sun rooms aren't the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about working from home. For some reason, talk of a home office can conjure up pictures of a sterile business environment, with artificial lighting and stuffy... Read More...
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What Are The Best Garden Rooms for Home Offices?

When it comes to choosing the best garden rooms for home offices, it's important to choose something fit for purpose. An old shed or summer house without a power source simply won't do. A garden office needs to feel modern.... Read More...
Modern Summer House

Can Wooden Garden Rooms Make Suitable Offices?

When it comes to working from home, wooden garden rooms might come to mind as a home office option. After all, it's a quiet room, separate from the rest of the house but without the hassle of a commute. But... Read More...
Garden Room Ideas

Garden Room Ideas for Your Home Business

Garden room ideas for your home business might seem like a far off dream. If you've only recently started working from home, a garden office could feel like a big jump. Having a dedicated workspace can help accelerate your business... Read More...
Garden room furniture ideas (2)

Garden Room Furniture Ideas for Your Outdoor Office

When your outdoor office has been built, you'll need some garden room furniture that makes it look the part. Whether you'll be holed up alone, or expect clients to be visiting for meetings, getting the right garden room furniture for... Read More...
build your own garden office

Want to Build Your Own Garden Office? 5 Reasons Why You Should

If you're looking to build your own garden office, it's unlikely you'll need a great deal of convincing. Once the thought enters your head, most people start mentally planning exactly how the office is going to look. Building a garden... Read More...
Modern Summer House

Turn Your Modern Summer House Into an Office

If you've got a modern summer house that isn't being used to it's potential, it might be time to turn it into an office. When your home business is going well and outgrowing the space it's been existing in inside... Read More...
Modular Garden Rooms

Modular Garden Rooms – Your Ideal Office Solution?

Modular garden rooms are one of the leading choices when it comes to working from home. Expanding from the house into a dedicated garden room is the leap your business needs to take in order to grow. Cheaper in the... Read More...
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