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furnishing your garden pod

Time Management Tips for Working in Your Garden Pod

Working effectively from home isn't quite as simple as building a garden pod and sticking your laptop in there. When you're in charge of your working day, you need to be self-motivating, and it's amazing how fast the hours can... Read More...
How a Garden Office Can Take Your Home Business to the Next Level

How a Garden Office Can Take Your Home Business to the Next Level

If business has started to feel little stagnant, and work-from-home life has not quite lived up to your expectations, you might be ready to shake things up a little. A garden office can be the change you need to pull... Read More...

Productivity Tips For Working In Your Office Shed

Once your office shed is up and running, all that's left to do is work! Sadly, that can be easier said than done. Although an office shed can provide a distraction-free work space, a skilled procrastinator will still be able... Read More...
outdoor office

Why You Need an Outdoor Office: The Benefits of Working Next to Nature

An outdoor office is a relatively new concept. Although people have been working from home for many years, advances in technology and employers attitudes towards the holistic well-being of their staff means more people are working from home than ever... Read More...
your new garden home office building

10 Ways To Achieve A Home Office Building You’ll LOVE To Work In

Working from home can often look like a dream come true to many, but if you work from home often then you'll know that it can come with quite a few drawbacks. No one to keep you on track, distractions... Read More...
Must have tech for your modern garden office

Cutting Edge Tech for a Modern Garden Office

The Internet has created so many jobs that didn't even exist two decades ago. Thanks to the worldwide web, many people are enjoying working from the comfort of their home in a garden office. Almost everything can be done remotely... Read More...
Natural light in a garden office building

Furnishing Your Office: Inspiration For Your New Garden Office Pod

A garden office pod can provide you with a distraction-free area to work in outside of the family home. Just because it's a work space, doesn't mean you need to go for dull furnishings; your home office can be a... Read More...
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