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How to Set Up a Cheap Garden Office for Your Home Business

Starting a business from home can be quite costly in the beginning, which is why it’s sensible to go for a cheap garden office when you need somewhere private to work. Once your business is up and running, it can only last so long sharing the dining table or occupying the spare room before it needs a space of its own.

Giving your business the space it needs to grow is one of the secrets to productivity. Once your business has its own office space that is no longer a shared space, it allows you to concentrate on the task at hand with fewer distractions and interruptions. While every purchase needs to be carefully planned, you can’t go wrong with a cheap garden office.

Planning a Cheap Garden Office

When it comes to planning your cheap garden office, there are plenty of ways to keep costs low. The best thing you can do is have a look at case studies that have already been built to gauge price then set yourself a budget to stick to. When it comes to the specifications, you can tell your planner what you’d like and what you want to spend.

Certain materials and types of windows and doors can be cheaper than others. If you only have basic needs, it makes sense to go for a basic design.

Decorating Cheaply

It can be difficult to decorate on a budget. On one hand, it’s prudent to hold back on anything too fancy, but on the other hand, it’s important your office looks pleasant. Consider whether it’s likely you’ll be dealing with clients in  your garden office.

If you’re expecting to see clients in your office, consider a minimalist or vintage style of decor, which allows for either second hand furniture or a very pared back look. If clients aren’t expected to visit, your office only needs to be liveable for you. This means you can get away with the bare minimum you feel you need to make the work-space pleasant.

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Cheap Office Supplies

Chances are, if your business has reached the stage that a garden office is necessary, you’ll have most of the things you need. When it comes to office supplies, these generally get used up fast. Buying in bulk can save hundred over the year, so shop around for the best deal. Some office supply stores give discounts to those who open a business account with them, so try to seek out the best offers for business owners too.

Talk to Your Accountant

The cost of building a cheap garden office can be declared as an expense and may be deducted from your profit (which could result in paying less tax). Ask your accountant the best way to go about investing in a cheap garden office, and whether it makes sense to pay outright or opt for a small business loan. Discuss the difference each option can make to your accounts and which option is best for your specific business.

It could also be beneficial to ask your accountant whether the office room should have a dual purpose, as rooms specifically for business can mean you pay capital gains tax when you sell the property.


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