Cheap Garden Rooms: How to Do A Home Office on a Budget

Cheap garden rooms can easily be built to create a budget home office. Having a purpose-built room in your garden specifically for your business is so much cheaper than you think. Just because you’re after a modern look, it doesn’t mean you have to splash the cash – there are budget-friendly options out there for all your needs (thank goodness for the internet!)

Cheap Garden Rooms – Keeping Costs Low

Whether you’re looking to save a few pounds of have a very strict (low) budget, these hacks will help you keep costs low while you set up your garden office

Building cheap garden rooms

While some people are lucky enough to move into a house that already boasts a summer house or garden office, these properties are few and far between. If you have managed to grab a home with a garden room then that’ll keep things cheap, but realistically, you’re probably going to have to get the room built.

The thought of having a garden addition built especially for your office can seem daunting. It’s easy to assume getting anything built will be expensive. Luckily, having a garden room built is a bespoke service, and the price is dependent on what you plan. For example, if you only need space for a desk and some shelves, your room doesn’t need to be as big as someone who is planning on having a home dance studio, and the price will reflect that.

To keep costs down, go for a basic room that is the smallest it can be while still meeting your needs. Once you’ve got your outdoor room up and running, furnishing it on the cheap shouldn’t be too hard.

Second hand furniture for Cheap Garden Rooms

Buy Second-Hand Office Furniture

Lots of large offices have regular revamps that entail replacing perfectly good furniture. When they get their new desks and chairs in, they’ll often donate the usable leftovers to charity shops or sell them on cheaply themselves.

The best place to source second-hand furniture local to you is Facebook and eBay. Charity shops seem a little more tech savvy these days and share their best donations online. It’s not unusual for charity shops to sell via eBay too, so it really helps to narrow down the location in case you can save on shipping by collecting in person.

Joining local Facebook selling site might also prove fruitful. If you can get past trawling through the junk some people (mistakenly) think has value, you can uncover some real bargains.

Buy in Bulk

Although up-front costs might feel high, buying essentials like paper, pens and printer cartridges in bulk can save hundreds throughout the year. Some stationery suppliers will throw in freebies for ordering too, making the cost-per-unit lower still.

Consider Reconditioned Tech

Chances are, your tech is already sorted. Most people move into a garden office when they’ve been up and running for a while and outgrow using their dining room as an office. On the off chance you need to replace your tech, consider buying reconditioned from Amazon. It’s essential that you read the seller reviews so you don’t get ripped off, but if your tech needs are basic, reconditioned can be a cheap option.

Refurbished tech for Cheap Garden Rooms

Ask an Accountant

Checking exactly what you can call a business expense might be the key to investing in cheap garden rooms. If you’re able to use the full cost of the garden office as a business expense, it might mean your garden room doesn’t cost you very much at all.


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