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Create a Cosy Workspace with an Insulated Garden Office

Decorating your new at-home workspace is an exciting step in your business journey. If you plan on opting for a cosy feel, an insulated garden office is a great place to start.

Many businesses can benefit from a ‘homely’ style of decor which will help put your clients at ease. The key to getting it right, is to know your customer (and consider how often you might see one). If your client base don’t like anything too outlandish, it’s best that you don’t go over the top with accessories. If you generally work alone and get your best work done when you’re swaddled in piles of blankets, then there’s no harm in layering up the textiles.

Create a Cosy Workspace with an Insulated Garden Office

An insulated garden office is a fantastic setting for your cosy workspace. A garden room that’s insulated will retain its heat in the winter, making it a comfortable place to work all year round.

Buy Soft Furnishings for your insulated garden office

An office doesn’t need to be smooth lines and hard surfaces. Not all work needs to be done at a desk and if you’ve started your own business, then you make the rules! 

If you can work with your laptop on your knee and a cuppa in your hand then your office could benefit from a comfy sofa. Soft furnishing can also be a welcoming setting for consulting with clients. If your job has a creative element that involves customers viewing look books and mock designs, having them sit with you on a sofa can make the setting feel informal and help foster a long-term partnership. Happy, relaxed customers are often returning customers.

sofa in an Insulated garden office

Layer up the textiles

Soft textiles are what gives an office its cosy look. By investing in rugs, throws and scatter cushions you will be able to create the desired look in your insulated garden office. Try to avoid busy, clashing prints because lots of patterns together can look overpowering. Instead opt for block colours against a neutral backdrop to keep things looking light and airy.

A rug on laminate flooring will feel soft on bare feet if it’s positioned under a sofa. Rugs also help to keep the heat in, adding to the functionality of you insulated garden office during the cold months. 

A throw draped along the back of a sofa will accessorise the room, but it can also double up as a blanket to wrap around your shoulders in the winter.

Finishing touches

The last thing you want to do is clutter your new office, but a few little extras can really finish off the cosy vibe. Scented candles can evoke all kind of feelings, so buy some scents that create the ambience you’re after. Clean cotton scents are great for a subtle sweet smell. Cinnamon-based festive scents can be a lovely touch for clients to smell at Christmas. Don’t go for anything too strong smelling, you don’t want to aggravate allergies in your customers!

Personalise your workspace with photos of your children or pets. When you create a cosy office, you want it to make people feel warm and fuzzy inside. Displaying photos that mean a lot to you can be an easy talking point and help you build a rapport with clients. They can also help you feel settled while you work which will boost your mood and productivity.

A cosy workspace can help motivate you to work hard, and help you build strong relationships with clients. It’s a great choice for the right type of business!


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