Outdoor office shed

Could an Outdoor Office Shed Take Your Business to the Next Level?

An outdoor office shed might just be the perfect way to take your home business to the big leagues. Working from a room inside your house is all well and good, but what happens when you outgrow it? Renting office space (or a craft studio) can be a huge drain on your finances, giving very little in return. If you’re in it for the long haul, it’s important to look into something more permanent.

Building an outdoor office shed means that the money you spend goes towards something you own. Even if you choose to spread the cost, this expense can be recorded in your company’s accounts. Talk to your accountant about the best way to finance and record building an office on your property.

How an Outdoor Office Shed Can Work for You

Ever heard the saying a goldfish can only grow as big as its bowl? This can apply to your business too. If you’re working from a box room that also has many other uses, your business will stay as small as your workspace.

Investing in a dedicated office will give your business room to grow. Below are some fantastic reasons to build an outdoor office shed.

You’ll instantly gain more storage

A room dedicated to office use only means everything for your business can be kept in one place. Even if your business is mostly based online, you’ll need to store files, accounts, contacts and anything else relating to your work. 

If your business is craft-based, the extra room will instantly improve and streamline its day-to-day running. 

An outdoor office shed is a great place for customers to visit

Rather than working solely online an outdoor office space provides a base your customers can visit. Having customers come to you instead of you visiting them, will save time during your working day. This in turn will help you use your business hours more efficiently.

Outdoor office shed

It makes it easier to mentally switch off

By moving your office out of your house (even if it’s only down the bottom of your garden), it makes it easier to walk away at the end of your working day. The biggest problem business owners have is the inability to switch off at the end of the day.

Working where your home life is makes it difficult to separate the two. If you are able to lock up your office and walk away from your working day, it makes it easier to wind down in the evening. 

Having a set time of night when you stop answering business emails can also help keep your leisure time just for you.

You can create an office free of distractions

Another issue those who work from home complain of is that distractions come easily. If you share your home with your family, other members of your house might be tempted to disturb you. Even if you’re home alone all day, working in your living space can put you in front of temptation. The thought of getting a snack or taking a break to watch your favourite show on catch up might be enticing, but the hours you lose during your business hours will need to be made up elsewhere.

By physically removing yourself from distractions and temptation, you will increase your productivity and be able to end your day on time.


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