Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Once you’ve invested in building an outdoor office, it’s likely that you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. Studies suggest that those who work from home tend to spend more time on their work project than those who are employed away from their house.

With that in mind, it’s likely that you’ll want to be comfortable while you work. 

Sitting with bad posture for long periods can seriously impact your health. Slouching can cause your spine to curve and aggravate pre-existing back problems. Spending eight (or more) hours each day an uncomfortable desk in an unsuitable chair can have a negative effect on your overall wellbeing.

Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Poor posture can be associated with back pain, neck pain, headaches and muscle tension. By kitting your outdoor office out with ergonomic office furniture, you could reduce the chance of bad posture and all of its associations.

Ergonomic furniture helps promote good posture, this in turn can improve comfort, productivity and even decrease work injuries.

Choosing Ergonomic Furniture for your Outdoor Office

Where to buy ergonomic furniture for your outdoor office

Before you buy, it’s important to establish your needs. For example, if you have no health complaints, your needs may be different from someone who has a bad back. Some people prefer to stand at their desk, so wouldn’t be interested in sitting-only desks.

Once you’ve established your needs, you’re ready to shop. It might be easier to buy locally where you are able to get advice from staff in-store. If you’re buying from the internet, do your research and don’t be blinded by fancy marketing jargon. Big office suppliers like Staples and Viking sell a variety of ergonomic chairs, but if your needs are more complex, you might need to seek out a specialist retailer.

How to choose the right office chair

Ergonomic chairs can come in many shapes and sizes. The most common ergonomic chairs tend to look like a traditional executive chair, with a high back, arm rests and strong lumbar support. These chairs come with lots of adjustable sections and some come with an optional footstool to help correct posture at a desk.

A less conventional-looking ergonomic chair is a kneeling chair, which aims to drop the angle of the thighs from 90° to around 60° to redistribute weight and ease lower back pain. Another less common design is a stand up chair. This type of chair is an adjustable stool which makes it easier to alternate between sitting and standing. Some experts even recommend an exercise ball as a versatile ergonomic seating option!


Invest in ergonomic accessories for your outdoor office

Your quest for good posture at work doesn’t need to stop with the furniture. Ergonomic computer accessories can help reduce muscle strain and make those long working hours more bearable. An ergonomic keyboard can ease your wrists by supporting them as you type and providing a more comfortable typing position.

A specialist mouse reduces wrist movement which again helps prevent strain causes by repetitive motions. If you work on one or more monitors, invest in a movable stand, so that the computer screen can always be at a comfortable distance, not matter what position you sit in.

Making these changes should keep you happy and making working from your outdoor office an absolute breeze!


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