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Garden Buildings That’ll Wow Your Clients

Garden buildings are the latest must-have for solopreneurs who work from home. When you’re a one-man-band, without an office or staff, it’s down to you alone to make a big impression.

It’s more than likely that your client has chosen to work with you because they admire your work and trust you to help them achieve whatever it is that they need. You shouldn’t need to woo them with your home office set up, but sadly the overall impression you give your clients does matter when it comes to business.

Giving your clients the sense that you’re very serious about what you do can work wonders for customer retention. If you’ve got a professional set-up in your office garden building, some clients will feel reassured that you’re the best person for the task in hand.

Garden Buildings To Wow Your Clients

This list of inspiration and ideas for garden buildings that will impress your customers should help you decide on a home office set up that’ll keep your diary full for years to come.

 Show you have an environmental conscience

It’s no secret that the whole world needs to reduce its carbon footprint – and fast, but what are you doing to reduce your businesses’? If the answer is nothing, then something need to change. Not only is being more environmentally friendly essential for the future of mankind, it’s also a deal-breaker for some clients.

Have an environmental policy included on your work’s website, ensure your business recycles what it can and show you care by having the greenest office possible. 

Avoid single use plastics where possible – don’t hand your clients a bottle of water when they arrive, invest in some stylish coffee cups and offer them a hot drink instead. Try not to use power-guzzling appliances in your garden office – switch to their environmentally friends counterparts instead. For example, use a kettle that only boils the exact amount of water needed for a cuppa. 

When it comes to decor, choose light fittings that are compatible with energy-saving bulbs, pay for a recycling service if your business receives a lot of deliveries and often has packaging to dispose of. Don’t fill landfills unnecessarily. 

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Decorate garden buildings for your clients (not for yourself)

Think about who your clients are. If you’re drawing in more people in a certain demographic (as most businesses expect to), to keep them, you need to cater for them. There’s little point having a dream office that’s been set up exactly to your tastes if 90% of your clients dislike it.

If the interior of your garden office is a million miles away from the majority of your clients’ tastes, they might begin to think there is a disconnect between you and their vision. For example, if you help millennial women plan marketing strategies for their hair and beauty businesses, they will appreciate different interior styles to older men who work in the agriculture. 

Take notice of who your clients are and make an effort to give them what they like.

Show off your tech

If you’ve got great equipment and strong vision, invite your clients over to see you work in action. Show them what it is you do with your tech and how it can benefit them. People like to know that they’re in good hands, being included in the process is often reassuring for the client.

Set up your tech so your customer can see it, then wow them with your skills.


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