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How Garden Cabins Make a Perfect Productivity-Boosting Workplace

Garden cabins are becoming a popular place to work from home. Not only do they provide a quiet workspace, free from interruption, they are also a natural hub of productivity.

Most people who work from home take great joy in ridding themselves of the daily commute. Another bonus often cited by those who work from home is the option of flexible working hours. A recent study showed that workers who were left to arrange their own working hours were often more productive and much happier than those who weren’t.

Flexible working hours often means that you can choose to work at times you are most alert and easily motivated. This way of working helps to eliminate the 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. energy slumps experienced by those who work the fixed hours of 9 to 5.

How Garden Cabins Make a Perfect Productivity-Boosting Workplace

Garden cabins help boost productivity in many more ways than just lending themselves to flexible working hour. This list will highlight the other ways working from a garden cabin can increase your productivity and supersize your output.

natural light in garden cabins

Garden cabins let in lots of natural light

Believe it or not, natural light is the key to success. A recent study exploring daylight in the workplace found that those who were exposed to the most natural light found an 84% reduction in eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision. These symptoms are common among office workers who spend a lot of time at the computer, and often lead to fatigue and a slower work pace.

By reducing the above symptoms, productivity, will naturally increase. Natural light helps workers thrive, while artificial light found in most large offices can cause eyestrain, fatigue and a drop in productivity. Garden cabins usually have large window areas and glass doors, meaning daylight can be optimised and productivity will be boosted with very little effort.

Garden cabins are usually immersed in nature

It had been suggested that humans crave a connection with nature. Whether this desire can traced back to a time when humans spent all of their time in nature, no one can be sure. Working close to nature has been linked with better productivity.

Most garden cabins will be surrounded by some greenery – even if it’s just a lawn and a couple of bushes. Any amount of greenery should have an effect on the worker in question. 

Being closer to nature can help low blood pressure and make people feel relaxed. In turn, a relaxed worker is a productive one.

How Garden Cabins Make a Perfect Productivity-Boosting Workplace

Interruptions are minimal

Although it’s obvious, it’s worth mentioning: people work better without interruption. Generally, a garden room’s physical distance from the main house will provide enough of a barrier to discourage interruption. If someone you live with is forced to go out of their way to talk to you, it’s more likely they’ll think twice before taking the plunge.

It’s much more tempting to interrupt someone when they’re in close proximity. By taking yourself out of the house and away from your family, you’re making it more difficult to be interrupted. When you have a long spell to concentrate on your work, you’ll get it done much faster. Changing your thought path between work and interruptions can waste much more time than the few seconds the interruption lasts. It can take up five minutes to regain concentration on the original task which means interruptions can cost you dearly!


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