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Is a Garden Log Cabin the Most Tranquil Office Setting?

With modern businesses putting worker satisfaction above all else, why not take a leaf out of their book and work from home in a garden log cabin?

Multi-million pound companies have discovered that the key to getting the best out of employees is to make them happy. If you’re self employed, you’re the only one responsible for your job satisfaction, so it’s important to make your work as enjoyable as possible. 

Making small changes like flexible working hours and setting a cut-off time where you’ll no longer reply to emails can help, but the biggest change you can make is to turn your home office into a place you look forward to spending time in.

Why a garden log cabin could be the secret to happy work life

A garden log cabin is the perfect place to set up an office with maximum job satisfaction in mind. A steady supply of fresh air is always great for general well-being, and a tranquil work environment can do wonders for your mental health.

Below are some great reasons why a garden log cabin might just be the best place to work.

garden log cabin

A garden log cabin is usually quiet

When you’re trying to create a tranquil atmosphere, it’s essential to be free of any distracting noises. Garden rooms are insulated, with uPVC windows and doors, which will help keep any unwanted sounds from distracting you.

Using a single, unconnected room means there’s little chance of unwanted noise disturbing your day. If you can’t work in total silence, opening a window will let the relaxing sounds of nature provide some soothing background noise.

Create your own atmosphere

When you work for yourself, you don’t need to cater for anyone else’s needs. This means there’s fighting over the radio station (or whether to have it on at all), disputes over the temperature, and no one to be mindful of when you spread out your work.

Creating your perfect atmosphere can be done in many ways, it’s often about how your surroundings make you feel. Decorate using soft tones, choose lighting that can be adapted for different needs and invest in a smart speaker that can be turned on and off without leaving your seat.

Accessorise with art prints that make you feel good when you look at them and succulents to add low-maintenance greenery. Turning your office into a place you enjoy spending time in will boost your production and work satisfaction.

Being close to nature is known to be calming

Having an outdoor office that overlooks your garden is a brilliant way to keep stress levels at bay. Not only is the colour green known to reduce stress for those exposed to it, being surrounded by plants can encourage concentration. 

When you reach the mid-afternoon slump, take a moment to stretch your legs in your garden and return to work feeling refreshed. Completing work at a steady pace, instead of feeling rushed can improve work quality and skyrocket productivity.

Calm surroundings while you work will help your work environment feel tranquil and spur you on to succeed!


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