How a Garden Office Can Take Your Home Business to the Next Level

How a Garden Office Can Take Your Home Business to the Next Level

If business has started to feel little stagnant, and work-from-home life has not quite lived up to your expectations, you might be ready to shake things up a little. A garden office can be the change you need to pull you out of a rut and take your business to the next level.

3 Ways a Garden Office Might Help Your Business

Whether you work in sales or services, a garden office might help increase your productivity and help your business soar!

A Garden Office is a Great Place to Meet with Clients

Working from home can sometimes feel like an inconvenience, especially when you need to meet with clients.

If you’re not keen on having customers traipsing through your family home (but prefer to discuss business in less distracting surrounding than a coffee shop), then a garden office might be the perfect solution.

meeting: How a Garden Office Can Take Your Home Business to the Next Level

A dedicated office in your garden is a handy location for business meetings. It’ll save you travel time, if you normally meet away from home. As an added bonus, you won’t disturb your family when clients visit. An outdoor office looks really professional and adds credibility to your home business.

Work Undisturbed in an Office Pod

One of the biggest benefits of working in an outdoor office is that you’re less likely to be disturbed and suffer from distractions. A separate garden building, that isn’t connected to the rest of the house creates a mental barrier that dissuades family members from ‘just popping in’ on you.

Another positive that comes from working in your garden is that helps you get into the work mindset. By physically leaving the house and making the short walk to your home office, you are helping your brain get into ‘work mode’. This means you are more likely to have a productive day – especially if no one interrupts!

If you wonder whether you might suffer from lack of productivity working on your own, check out our handy tips post here!

Store all Your Business Paraphernalia in Your Garden Office

Running a business can take up a lot of space. Even if your company has gone green and adopted a paperless working method, you will still need to store records and tech – whatever your profession.

Having a dedicated garden room for all your office needs can help keep your home free from clutter. Storing everything together makes it easier to quickly lay your hands on anything you need, and streamline the running of your business.

Filing: How a Garden Office Can Take Your Home Business to the Next Level

If your job requires special equipment (or even just simple office tech), it makes sense to keep all business items separate to personal items. This is also handy for accounting purposes – if you’ve bought a new work laptop and recorded it as a company expense, segregating it from your personal belongings helps to show it’s work specific.

Should you be unlucky enough to go through the inconvenience of a financial audit, an office room that contains everything you need for work reinforces the claim that none of your equipment is used for anything else. If you had bought a laptop for personal use and for work, you would wouldn’t be able to count as much of the cost as a business expense – it really helps to show that you separate business tech from your personal collection.

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