Garden Office of Your Dreams

Garden Office Ideas: How to Decorate and What to Buy

Most people need to read a few garden office ideas before they commit to finalising plans. There are so many different options when it comes to decorating your garden office, and such huge price variations.

The best way to decide on which garden office ideas work best for you, is first to establish your needs. If you’re unlikely to have clients visit you in your office, then your needs will be entirely different to a business owner who has frequent client meetings.

It also depends what line of work you’re in. If most of your workload is design-based, it’s likely you’ll need a large desk and room for extra equipment. On the other hand, if your main duties involve social media management or writing, it’s likely you’ll only need room for a laptop.

Garden Office Ideas

This list of garden office ideas should serve as inspiration for how your finished office will look. Adapt, mix and match, and most importantly, enjoy yourself when it comes to planning the final look.

The Dual Purpose Garden Office

If you’re self-employed, most accountants will advise you to have an extra purpose for your garden office. This means you’ll need to find something else to do in your office when you’re not working. If your work only requires a laptop and good WiFi, consider setting up your garden room as an office/sitting room. A compact desk and chair in the corner of the room will give you enough space to get your work done, and squeeze in somewhere comfy to sit.

A sofa and a TV should fit alongside your small desk set up, and give you a place to relax when your working day is over. Sign up to streaming services so that you can watch what you want, when you want. This will be particularly helpful if your working hours are flexible.

garden office ideas : meeting space

Garden Office Ideas for Those Who Meet with Clients

If clients are going to see your workspace regularly, it needs to be suitably impressive-looking. Basic and bare simply won’t cut it. Although the interior should be moulded around your own design preferences, there are some simple rules to follow.

For one, the furniture needs to be in good condition, and comfortable for your clients to use. Your tech needs to look modern and capable. Even if you can make do with a keyboard that has a few tiles missing, you definitely shouldn’t try to if customers will see it.

Finish the look off with art on the walls and plants around the office. It’ll look like you’ve taken time to make you clients feel at home, and should help put them at ease.

Garden Office on a Budget

If you’re trying to keep costs low, it’s a great idea to plan a budget and stick to it. Second-hand office furniture can be a great money saver, especially if it looks as good as new. Reconditioned tech can also save some cash, just make sure you know what you’re getting.

The best way to save money on kitting out a garden office is to do your research. Don’t be fooled by false economy, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you choose to buy second hand (or reconditioned) it’s best to buy from somewhere that someone who know recommends. Alternatively, read lots of reviews about the company before you purchase.

These garden office ideas should provide a starting point for your interior plans. Whatever your needs, this article has hopefully provided some inspiration.


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