Tips to Make Your Garden Office Plans a Reality

Tips to Make Your Garden Office Plans a Reality This Summer

Every home business owner has daydreamed about garden office plans. After all, an office in your own garden is incredibly handy. You can work flexi-time, with no commute, but unlike re-purposing a room inside your home, your business has a space of its own.

If your business is relatively new, your garden office plans might seem like a distant dream. Perceived obstacles such as cost, planning permission, time and space might feel like they are holding you and your business back. These top tips for turning garden office plans into a reality will help you get ready to move forward with your business premises.

Make Your Garden Office Plans a Reality

Whether you have concerns over where you’ll put your garden office, how to fund it and whether you have the time to accommodate its construction. This article will address these concerns and help you take one step closer to making your garden office plans a reality.

Garden Office Plans: How Will You Fund It?

Building a garden office can be a big expense. Luckily, there are several ways to fund having an office built in your garden so your home office dream could be closer than you think. 

The most obvious funding option if your business is in a strong financial position is to pay outright to have the office built. You could use the profits from your business to pay for an office structure in your garden. This can often be recorded as a business expense and could mean you pay less tax.

Using credit to spread the cost is also a viable option. It could be better for your business cash flow to use a finance option to pay for the construction for your home office. Rather than using a chunk of your profits up front, your accountant might advise paying in instalments. Compare rates for business loans with credit options available from your garden room supplier.

Tips to Make Your Garden Office Plans a Reality

Do You Need Planning Permission?

In most cases, planning permission is not necessary. Providing your garden structure follows certain guidelines, you are not required to seek planning permission. As long as your garden room won’t be used for living or sleeping in, you are unlikely to need planning permission. 

Will it Take Long to Build?

Modern garden rooms take no time at all to build! You’ll experience very little disruption while your garden office is being constructed. Once the foundations are laid the room can be erected quickly. Since the garden room is made of prefabricated parts, it takes barely any time to build. It’s a far cry from having any traditional building work done and creates barely any disruption.

Is the Garden Big Enough?

This is one of the biggest concerns of business owners with tiny gardens. The good news is, there is no fixed size for these structured. If you have limited space on your property, there might still be room for a small garden office. If your garden is small but you’re still interested in a garden office, it’s always worth booking a consultation anyway. A compact garden office might fulfil all your needs! What are you waiting for?


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