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Working from Your Garden Office Pod – How to Stay Healthy

Working from a garden office pod is fantastic if you work from home. There’s no commute, you can work the hours that suit you and you can even wear your pyjamas while you’re doing it. The only trouble is, you might forget to look after your health.

With no HR department to remind your to take your lunch break and keep hydrated, the hours can run away with you and your health can decline. It’s been proven that those who work from home put in more hours than your standard office employee. This means that when you work from your garden office pod, health should be at the forefront of your mind.

How to Stay Healthy When Working From your Garden Office Pod

These handy health tips will help you look after your well-being whilst working from home.

Don’t stare at your screen for too long

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Using a computer for long hours can result in many eye-related problems. The nature of the way computer screens are used, means your blink rate will decrease when you’re concentrating. If you don’t blink enough your eyes can become dry, which is especially problematic if you wear contact lenses. Even if you’re not a contact lens wearer, dry eyes will be uncomfortable. One way to combat this is to drink plenty and try to remember to blink more when you’re concentrating.

Another common problem from using a computer is eye-strain. Generally, computer users will stay focused on the screen for long periods of time. This means the eye’s focus is fixed at a certain point for longer than it would be if you weren’t working, which can cause eyestrain and headaches from the overworking muscles. It’s recommended that if you spend all day at a computer screen, you should look away and focus on something in the long distance and count to twenty. Your eyes need this break every half hour or so to prevent strain and headaches.

Let plenty of fresh air in your garden office pod

If you spend all day indoors working, you might miss out on vital fresh air. Open up the windows, and if it’s warm enough, leave the door open too. Fresh air circulation can help you feel relaxed, and it’s much better than stale office air. Add a few plants to help assist with air quality and they’ll make your workspace look great too!

Watch your posture

Bad posture can cause all kinds of aches and pains. It’s been tied to long-term back aches, neck problems and even migraines! Being conscious of your posture and buying ergonomic furniture can help you work in more appropriate position. Choose a chair that is a adjustable in several places to help you find a comfy way to sit. If your wrists ache from typing, invest in a keyboard wrist rest and you can buy a foot rest if sitting is uncomfortable.

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Remember to take a break!

It’s easy to get engrossed in your work and let the hours fly by. When you don’t share an office with anyone else, you don’t get natural cues for lunch and coffee breaks. Set timers to remind yourself to have lunch and grab a drink. Ideally you should stretch your legs for half an hour each day to keep your health ticking over and your mind clear.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a good balance of taking care of both your work and your health.



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