garden rooms are great places to work

Garden Offices: the Essential Investment for the Modern Entrepreneur

Garden offices are a fantastic investment if you’re working from home. Whether you’ve just started your business, or you’re ready to take the next leap, a garden office needs to be your next step.

The internet has made it more possible than ever to grow a successful business from your own home. Hundreds of thousands of people start their one-man (or woman) business every year, and just because the idea formed in your bedroom, doesn’t mean your office needs to be.

Why Garden Offices are an Essential Investment

Garden offices are a relatively new trend. Ever since WiFi enabled internet access at the bottom of one’s garden, people started to find ways to work out there. Garden offices have come a long way in the style stakes, and can now be made to match your needs exactly, meaning there’s no compromise when it comes to building your business.

These are some fantastic reasons to plump for a garden office and help your business grow.

Garden Offices can be treated as a fixed asset

When it comes to buying things for your business, investing in a garden office is a big expense, so you need to make it work in your favour. It can be treated as a fixed asset in your accounts and could potentially lower the amount of tax you have to pay for a certain period.

Speak to your accountant about how to record it in your accounts, whether you can account for depreciation and what other expenses you can record relating to you work.

They can be dual purpose

This is another area that needs to be discussed with your accountant. Using any room in your home specifically for your work is likely to mean you’ll have to pay capital gains tax when you sell your home. Usually, to avoid this, your accountant will advise you to find another use for you office too.

Check with your accountant whether it would be beneficial to your finances to find an extra use for your office. It might pay to let your office moonlight as a gaming room when your hard say at work is over.

garden offices look impressive

Garden Offices look impressive

In certain industries there is no avoiding client meetings. Although the odd casual meeting in a coffee shop can be refreshing for both of you, there are times when your client will need to meet somewhere a little more secluded.

Having an office in your garden will look good to your clientele. It says that you are serious about what you do and you have invested money in yourself and your business. It adds credibility to your work and can reassure clients they’ve made the right choice by working with you.

It’s a distraction-free place to work

Working from home can be distracting. It’s easy for your attention to be taken away from the task in hand. When you work where you live it can be all too tempting to break off and do little jobs around the house. Those few minutes here and there can soon add up, and waste a large amount of time throughout the day which hampers your productivity.

There’s no commute

One of the biggest pros to having a garden office is that there is no commute. When the time comes to look for office space, building your own office in the garden is much more convenient than renting an office in the town centre. Removing the commute from your day will free up precious time and allow your day to run more efficiently.

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