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Turn Your Garden Outhouse into the Perfect Place to Start a Business

A garden outhouse is a great room that can be used for many things. While some people prefer to set up a sitting room to entertain in or a studio to work out in, it’s also a great place to start a business.

Starting a business from home can be stressful in those early stages. You will need a lot of space to get your plans in order before the business launches. Sharing a room in your house (or re-purposing a spare room) might not give you the freedom you need to spread out.

A garden outhouse is a perfect solution. Not only can it be a dedicated room for your work plans, it’ll help you separate your home life from your work-from-home life!

Garden Outhouse to Office – Where to Start

Turning your garden outhouse into an office can be either a big job or a quick job. Depending on what you currently use your garden room for, the transition to office might be simpler that you think. 

Building an outhouse with an office in mind is the easiest way to start, but updating an existing room can be simple too.

Getting started – make a list (or three)

Before you do anything at all, it’s essential to figure out exactly what needs doing. If the room is already is use for something else, consider how you’ll empty it and what you might keep. Next on the list should be checking what you need. A desk chair is no good without a desk, a lone monitor be any use without the rest of the tech.

Making lists will help you figure out what you’ve got, what you need to buy and what you should really get rid of.

Once you’ve got lists coming out of your ears, it’s time to take action.

starting business in garden outhouse

Get things moving (in and out of your garden outhouse)

Now you know what you should be doing, it’s time to start doing it. Your garden outhouse won’t get office ready on its own!

If you need to get things out of your garden office before more moving things in, then it’s a good idea to borrow an extra pair of hands to help with any heavy lifting. Once your new office space is a blank canvas, you’ll need to set up the essentials.

The bare essentials

You should already have a list of what you need, so your next task is to get it all in your garden office. If your ‘business essentials’ list is more of a shopping list than a list of things you’ll need to move from the house to the outhouse, then it’s best to stagger your spending.

Startup costs can require a large amount of capital, so it makes sense to only buy the essentials first. That way you can maintain a contingency fund, and build up your business equipment incrementally in line with your profits.

Once you’ve got the basics for your business, building up additional kit this way shouldn’t take too long and won’t leave you out of pocket.


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