Is a Garden Pavilion the Best Choice for Your Home Office?

a garden pavilion is a great office space
Updated on 01 Nov 2019 · 3 min read
Figuring out which room to set up your home office in can be tricky. Should you use a room in your main house or would a garden pavilion be a better option? These are important questions to ask yourself before you make a decision.

If you already have a garden pavilion on your property, the decision may be easier to make, depending on how suitable the existing building is. If not, it might be better for your business in the long-run if you were to build a garden office to work from.

Does your home business need a garden pavilion?

Below are some things to consider when planning where your home office should be. If you’re unsure whether to build a garden pavilion or work from a room inside your home, read below to help you reach a decision.

garden pavilion

Will you be interrupted inside your home?

Having an office set-up inside your home is both cheap and convenient. It’s important to make the office space suitable for only business during the day, so that you’re not sharing the room with other members of your household while you work. If you have a family at home or share with housemates, it’s important to consider how accessible you are. Will you be interrupted frequently? Will you be disturbed when you’re dealing with clients? If the answer is no, then an office room inside your home could work for you.

If you’ve very likely to be interrupted, regardless of whether you’re with a client, a garden pavilion could be a more sensible answer. Not only is it in a separate building to you main house, it inconveniences the interrupters, making them less likely to re-offend. 

Would a garden pavilion provide a more professional setting?

If you share your home with anyone at all, it might make for an unprofessional office-setting when it comes to seeing clients. From discarded toys, to undies drying on the hall radiator, a lived-in home is likely to look more like a busy household than a thriving office.

A garden pavilion means you can separate your office from the house, and bypass it completely. If it is set up with clients in mind, it’ll look much more professional than a spare room in your main living space. It’s more likely to give the impression of professionalism and reassure the clients you’re the right person for the job.

If you live alone, it’s easier to make your office room look like a place of business. Without the worry of others in your living space, it’s easier to keep the path to your office as tidy and business-like as possible.

Does your home have the space for an office?

If your business is taking up more space as it evolves, it might be time for it to move out! Renting an office space in town might seem like a natural evolution, but financially, there could be a better solution.

Rather than forking your hard earned money over to an office landlord, why not build a garden pavilion? It’ll be a tax deductible fixed asset that will be cheaper in the long-run to maintain and travel to. There’s no need to worry about rent hikes or a commute, and it’s still a professional setting to meet clients in. Speak to your accountant to determine whether a garden office room is a better option for your expanding business.



Our Garden Office Features

Zero Maintenance

Modern Garden Offices are designed with the future in mind, and once your new workspace is in place there’s nothing to do to maintain it – ever! We use top-grade materials to ensure your garden office stands up to the elements for decades.

No Planning Needed

We have specifically designed our outdoor workspaces to meet pre-approved planning permission guidelines for garden offices. In most cases your Modern Garden Office can be installed without a planning application.

30+ Year Lifespan

We use innovate building methods and exceptional quality materials to ensure our Modern Garden Offices have a minimum life span of 30-years. All our buildings are backed by a 10-year warranty as standard, to give you peace of mind.

Equipped for Work

Modern Garden Offices are purpose-built workspaces, so we’ve factored in everything you need for comfort and productivity. Internet, telecoms, and plenty of power sockets can be included and placed wherever you like.

Fully Customisable

Our garden office designs can be easily customised. From the size and shape of the building to the quantity, style and placement of windows, doors, fixtures and fittings; we tailor your Modern Garden Office to your exact requirements.

Year-Round Use

Your garden office is designed for use throughout the seasons. Industry-leading energy efficient insulation to keeps your office space cosy, and we build in heating, lighting, and other home comforts so you can work year-round.

I have recently had a garden room built and am so pleased with the finished product. Although it is one of the smaller rooms, it has given me a spacious working space that has exceeded my expectations.

Jo Hunt (September 2021)

Steve and Sam completed our room not that long ago and it was a fantastic job through from our initial contact with Mandy to the final completion.

Graham Cartmell (September 2021)

From start to finish the Modern Garden Rooms team we're fantastic. Michael was great with the plans and talking us through our options and what would work to make the most of the small space we had.

Becky, Seth and Fern Bignall (October 2021)

Hi Mandy hope all is well with you. Many thanks for a wonderful space that you and your team created for us.

Matt from Liversedge (July 2020)

Communication is amazing, and Mandy is very thorough! Looking forward to works in the future.

David from Potton (June 2020)

Hi Amy, Martin & Jack were great this week. We enjoyed the build and greatly appreciated their efforts.

Richard from Sheffield (June 2020)

Hi Jonny, very happy with Lewis – good guy who gets on with the job and is easy to work with. The pool house looks great.

Janice From London (June 2020)

Lewis thank you once again for all your hard work over the past few days. The room looks fantastic, and we are delighted with it.

Corinna from Doncaster (April 2020)

Just like to say how great your guys were to deal with- a real credit to any business and exceptionally hard working.

Allen from Guildford (March 2020)

Hi Jonny! We are very happy thanks. It looks brilliant and the guys were lovely.

Jo from Farnham (March 2019)

Thanks again for everything. You’ve done a cracking job. I look forward to passing on your details to plenty of jealous friends and clients!

Tim from Kingswood (March 2019)


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