Garden room furniture ideas (2)

Garden Room Furniture Ideas for Your Outdoor Office

When your outdoor office has been built, you’ll need some garden room furniture that makes it look the part. Whether you’ll be holed up alone, or expect clients to be visiting for meetings, getting the right garden room furniture for your office is essential.

It’s important to opt for items that are both contemporary and hard wearing. Ideally, office furniture should be bought infrequently, last a long time and look neat and new for as long as you’re planning to use it. Don’t go for anything too stylised, as these items can date quickly, making your place of business look a little out of touch. Play it safe with themes and  styles that don’t age.

Garden Room Furniture Ideas for Your Outdoor Office

Below are some tips and suggestions for choosing garden room furniture fit for a modern office. Choosing items that give your office a certain ambience and are in line with your branding is easy if you know where to look. The best place to gather your ideas is Pinterest – a site that allows you to create mood boards and collate all your best ideas.

Below is some fantastic inspiration, to guide your choices and kick your imagination into gear.

Garden room furniture ideas

Garden Room Furniture for Comfort

Every office space needs a comfy place to sit. A large communal office is likely to have a staff room and a client waiting area. When it comes to garden offices, there’s no reason to not combine the two! A compact, comfy sofa is a great addition to your office. It softens the room and takes away any stuffiness of an overly formal setting. Even if you don’t see clients in your garden office, it’s still helpful to invest in a seat away from your desk.

When it come to choosing a sofa, try to escape the corporate image of black, white and grey. That’s not to say busy, colourful patterns are preferable, but something tasteful with a dash of colour will do. Plain, block colours or patterns that are considered timeless are always a good choice. They can add character to a room and make it feel less sterile. A small, minimalist coffee table will also complement your comfy seating area.

Don’t Skimp on the Desk and Chair

Since it’s likely that you’ll spend most of your time working at your desk, comfort is essential. Although it might be tempting to go for something basic and trendy, your back won’t thank you! Choose something ergonomic, that supports good posture and will be kind to your spine over the years. A bigger desk will give you more room to work, but if you’ll never use it, save space by choosing something more compact. The main priority when choosing a desk and chair is that they will provide long-term comfort that lasts.

Choose Storage That Looks Good

All offices need storage, but when your office is in your garden, you can really get creative. A cube shelving unit is a timeless way to neatly give everything a home. Canvas boxes can be slotted into each shelf to add some colour and personality. While the cube unit won’t date, you might want to buy new canvas boxes update or change up the look of the storage units. These mix and match boxes are a cheap and easy way to brighten up your garden office.


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