Garden Room Ideas

Garden Room Ideas for Your Home Business

Garden room ideas for your home business might seem like a far off dream. If you’ve only recently started working from home, a garden office could feel like a big jump. Having a dedicated workspace can help accelerate your business growth, meaning it might be sensible to invest in one sooner, rather than later.

Before building your garden room, it makes sense to check that your business is viable and operating efficiently. Speaking to an accountant about your business’s financial position and how the business expense for a garden office would work is a sensible place to start. Once you’ve got the green light, garden room ideas are likely to be at the forefront of your mind.

Garden Room Ideas for Your Home Business

There are several different ways garden room ideas can help you plan how your business would work in its own office setting. You might want to use it to see clients, or even prefer it to have a dual purpose to really get your money’s worth.

These simple garden room ideas should help spark your imagination for how your home office will look and work.

The Fold-Out Office

Anyone looking to use their garden office for both working and relaxing needs to consider how they’ll separate the two. It could be difficult to relax in a space where they can see their work station. A common theme amongst people who work from home is that they find it difficult to switch off. They often admit to answering emails late into the night and even completing extra work long after their business day is over.

If this sounds like you, a fold-away office setting might help you separate the two. Fold down desks that attach to the wall are a handy (and space saving fixture). If most of your work can be done on a laptop instead of a desktop, you’ll be able to clear your desk every day and fold it into the wall. A folding chair might also help you feel like you’re mentally, as well as physically, putting your work away for the night.

Folding office furniture also takes up very little room, meaning a TV, coffee table and sofa should also fit. It’s wonderful to have a second use for your home office, as well as more space to relax in. This can be a really handy way of getting full use of your garden room.

Garden Room Ideas contemporary

The Contemporary Office

If your home business is likely to have visiting clients, it’s essential that it looks the part. Investing in high quality office furniture and modern decor can really set your business apart from the rest. Browse Pinterest for different office looks, and search for artwork from indie artists to give your walls a unique style. 

Consider whether your clients need to be comfy or whether they’ll want to site at your desk. Buy furniture according to the dynamic you think you’ll have. For example, if you’re a photographer, you might want to show clients your work on comfy seats over a coffee. If your business involves a lot of paperwork, sitting at a desk might be more appropriate.

Handmade Heaven

Working from home for you might mean making products to sell. This type of work is likely to need a less corporate set-up with different types of seating and hard services. It’s likely you’ll need bright lighting, plenty of storage and lots of space to spread out. Craft-style rooms tend to have more freedom to decorate exactly how you want. The only rule really is that is needs to be easy to keep tidy, so ensure there is an appropriate and easy storage system before your room is up and running.


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