garden rooms are great places to work

Why Garden Rooms Make Great Offices

Garden rooms are often used for leisure activities, but they’re also a great place to work from. They’re quiet, secluded and should pick up the household WiFi signal, making them a perfect home office setting. Even if your garden room is set up as a sitting room, putting a desk and computer in there will be a real game changer.

Working from home is a dream come true for many, saving money on the commute, takeaway coffees and buying lunch out everyday. It also means you can often work around a flexible schedule. If you’re already working from home and are hoping to take your business to the next level, consider investing in a garden room to work from.

4 Reasons Garden Rooms Make Great Offices

If you’re not convinced already, the reasons below will help show you why garden rooms are a handy place to work from.

1) You may be able to claim expenses

If you own your own business and commission a garden room to be built as an office there are certain expenses you can claim. These expenses can reduce your recorded profit and potentially reduce your tax bill. You’ll need to check with your accountant on how this should be recorded to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

2) Garden rooms have many uses

Sometimes it pays to use your office room for other activities. If your garden room is on the small side, it shouldn’t stop you from creating a multipurpose room. Office furniture can be easy to pack away, especially if you opt for a folding desk.  If you were hoping to use your office as a sitting room too, small furniture and a wall-mounted TV can be a real game-changer.

Having a second use for your office can protect you from paying capital gains tax when you sell your office. Ask your accountant for more details to check whether this would be a good idea.

Client meetings in garden rooms

3) A garden office is a classy place for client meetings

If your business involves needing to meet with clients in person, it’s nice to have somewhere professional-looking to take them. There are only so many meetings you can conduct in a coffee shop.If you’re used to having your office in your main house, you might have felt awkward inviting clients into your home – especially if you have young children who will be around at the time.

A garden office bypasses the family areas and allows you to meet clients in peace. It looks more impressive than meeting in coffee shops and shows your client you are serious about the job you do.

4) You’re less likely to be interrupted

The trouble with working form home is that friends and family tend to forget that you’re actually working. They’re likely to drop in for a chat, invite you out for coffee and generally break your concentration at regular intervals. If you’re working at own property but physically removed from the house, interruptions should be reduced. The people you live with are less likely to pop their head round the door to ask unimportant questions if that door is a the end of the garden. They’ll be even more deterred if it’s cold outside! Separating home and work will make you lots more productive.


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