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Non-Business Uses for your Office Garden Studio

Working full-time from your garden studio might be great for peace and quiet, but it might not be so great for your taxes! If you’re a sole trader who uses part of your home for business activities only (and never any personal use), you might have to pay capital gains tax if you sell your home. 

One way that can help avoid paying capital gains tax for this reason is to have more than one use for your garden studio. You will need to prove that you use the room for more than just work. For example, if you also use your garden studio as a music room, there needs to be evidence of a musical instrument and sheet music to back up your claims. 

These are some other uses for your garden studio

If you’ve been using your garden studio strictly for business tasks, then it might be difficult to think of other things you could use it for – especially if it’s been carefully set up for your work. This list of suggestions should help you find other ways to enjoy your garden room, and could save you money in the long run.

Video Editing Suite

Video editing - Non-Business Uses for your Office Garden Studio

Depending on the type of computer you use, you could double up your outdoor office as a place to edit family photos and videos. If you’re a bit nifty with a camera and like to spend your time documenting your family’s adventures, then take your hobby our into your garden room.

You’ll need video editing software on your computer, and it might be a good idea to invest in a portable hard drive to save your finished videos on. You don’t want to use up all the space on your main hard drive.

Double check with your accountant if this will be a suitable option, if you’ve treated your computer as a business-only expense, you might need to use separate hardware to work on your hobby.

A grown-up sitting room

Non-Business Uses for your Office Garden Studio

If you have enough space for a TV and a couple of comfy chairs, consider using your garden office as a sitting room in the evenings. 

Once you’ve started a family, your main lounge can become overrun with toys and sticky fingerprints. It might be nice to escape to a child-free space in the evening, and watch TV away from those kids toys that only seem to start talking when you’re watching a horror film! Your garden studio will have power, so there’s nothing to stop you taking the baby monitor out there with you.

The TV and seating should be evidence enough that you’re doing more than working in your garden room (a small wine fridge is optional)!

A gaming garden studio

Games room big TV

Get a TV on your wall and the latest games console connected, and turn your place of work into a gamer’s paradise. You already have a power supply and a WiFi connection, so there’s nothing stopping you turning where you work into where you play when the clock strikes 5:00.

If you’re short on space, you needn’t squash in a couch. Having a TV and connected games console should show that it’s not all work and no play in the pod at the bottom of your garden.

 Everyone’s work-from-home situation is different, so always check with your accountant when it comes to tax-related subjects.


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