How to Get The Most Out of an Office Sale

Running a business from home can involve a fair few start-up costs (even if you buy during an office sale). If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office in your home (or a garden office) you’re going to need to kit it out with all the necessary equipment.

If your office setup isn’t new and your business is well established, office equipment can still render a big bill. For this reason, it’s always best to hold onto your cash and only buy big ticket items or bulk orders during an office sale.

How to get the most out of an office sale

There is a certain knack to making the right decisions when you’re sale shopping, and this guide will help you avoid any rookie mistakes that accompany bargain hunting.

Plan what you want to buy

Turning up to an office sale without any clear idea of what you’re looking for is a recipe for trouble. It means you’re more likely to make snap decisions and spend far more than you had intended (or needed to)!

Research any costly items before buying. If you need a new computer, the do your homework before you even hunt down an office sale. Having a clear idea of exactly what specifications you’ll be needing from your hardware stops you from being blinded by big price slashes. It can be tempting to opt for something much more expensive than you had intended when it’s been reduced by a large amount. Shops do this to make you think you’ve got yourself an impressive bargain, but in reality, it might just be a marketing technique.

Stick to your guns and buy exactly what you had planned to (or the very closest model) to keep within your budget.

What to buy in an office sale

Take a list with you to the office sale

Following on from the point above – once you’ve decided what you need, write a list and don’t stray from it. Huge savings advertised during office sales are designed to lure you into buying things you wouldn’t normally because the price has been made to look more attractive.

Take a list in your pocket and take a blinkered approach to shopping. Only pick up what you need and don’t get your head turned by flashy advertising.

Price check before you shop

As strange as it may sound, some offers might end up costing you more during sale periods. Year-round discount offers for bulk orders in stationery, paper and toner, may be taken off during the office sale. Instead, items might have a reduced, fixed unit price but when you add up the total of your normal order size, the price may be way off.

Have a clear idea of what price you’d pay with a regular bulk discount, and do you calculations before you buy at sale prices. If the sale price works out to be more – don’t get sucked in, wait for the sale to pass before purchasing.

Plan ahead, pack a list and do your sums before attending any office sales, and you’ll always end up paying the best price.

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