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10 Ways To Achieve A Home Office Building You’ll LOVE To Work In

Working from home can often look like a dream come true to many, but if you work from home often then you’ll know that it can come with quite a few drawbacks. No one to keep you on track, distractions around the house, noise from family members, too many options for where to work (with the sofa being a big draw!) and not being able to separate home life from your work life to name just a few. However, there is a solution and one that could work for most of you– as long as you have a garden. Having your own home office building just a few steps from your back door can solve all of these issues we’ve mentioned and give you a dedicated space just for you and your job.

Once it is built, you can put your mark on your new space.

Natural light in a garden office building

Here are 10 ways to achieve a home office building you’ll LOVE to work in!

1. Natural Light

The great part about having your office in a garden cabin is that natural light comes as part of the package. With the choice of windows, skylights and bi-folding doors you will have light flooding in which will make your new office feel light, airy, relaxing and a joy to work in.

2. Additional Lighting

Even with natural light, you’ll still need a certain amount of artificial lighting especially if your work requires it or if you want to work in the evenings or night. Light can also help to create a soft ambience which can really make your work space feel warm and inviting. Think about corner lamps, table lamps, a desk lamp or spotlights.

Blinds for your home office

3. Blinds


Selecting the right blinds will not only complete the look you are going for, but it will also help to block out any of that natural light during the sunniest parts of the day. Glare on your screen? No thank you. As much as you may love that light it can sometimes go against you when working, especially if it is with computers.

4. Desk

This may be a given but have you seen the variety that are now available on the market? Do you require a desk that can be easily moved? Do you need a standing desk? Do you need one with a slanted top? Also, take into consideration how your computer will sit on it, where your eye line will go and above all, comfort! This area needs to suit your every need, it needs to work for you and allow you to be productive and efficient.

A home office building in the garden

5. Chair

These days chair shopping goes into far more detail than just whether it spins or not! You can choose one that will meet the needs for your posture, ones that will provide comfort for your lower back, there are ergonomic chairs, leather chairs, chairs made from mesh, the choice just goes on and on. Take some time to visit a store and select one that feels just right for you. No more standard office chairs for you!


6. Kitchenette

To prevent yourself from having to return to your house each time you want a tea or coffee, you can get around this problem by having a dedicated kitchenette area. This can then be filled with your choice of coffee and tea makers, a microwave, sink, fridge or whatever else you think you will need during your working day.

A kitchenette in your garden office

7. Relaxation Area


Even though you work from home, you still need to make time for breaks and lunch but you don’t want to have to sit at your desk for these. A home office building can easily be kitted out with a small sofa or comfy chair, a coffee table, cushions, a throw and a stereo or small TV so you can take your mind off the job for just a short time.

8. Plants

I always feel that a room with plants comes to life. Not only do they add a splash of colour, they can also provide a focal point and are beneficial in keeping the air clean. Select a variety of plants to fill the spaces in your home office building. For example, a small succulent (aloe vera is a nice option) to sit on your desk, plants that trail or lean over for shelves (ferns or spider plants) and then larger potted plants to fill any corners (Yukka trees are a popular choice).

Plants for your new garden room

9. Personal Touches

Adding framed photos, trinkets, items that hold memories for you and artwork will all help to make your home office feel like yours. You can add personal touches that you may not necessarily be able to do in a normal office and I always think that all of these can really help you to relax and enjoy the environment you are working in.

10. Clever Storage

Even though your building is going to be used as an office, you don’t want it to look and feel entirely like one. You will still need paper and stationery, envelopes and paperwork but what if you could store this away in a clever and appealing way? Oversized drawers, cupboards under worktops, storage units that look like bookcases, once you start to look into it you can find a whole array of ideas that would fit in perfectly with the rest of your decor. It’s just a case of thinking outside the box.

Your home office building should feel warm, friendly, inviting and a place where you will LOVE to work each day. We hope that these tips have helped you to see exactly how this can be achieved.


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