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Pointers to Successfully Launch a Business from your Garden Office Shed

A garden office shed is a fantastic way to work from home, but keep your personal life separate. More and more people are investing in garden office buildings to help them achieve their self-employed dreams and get their new ventures off the ground. 

In an economy where enjoyable jobs (or any jobs) are hard to come by, setting up your own source of income is an ingenious thing to do. Creating a job where there wasn’t one before is a brave leap, so you need to make sure you’ve thought of absolutely everything. This is the only way to future-proof your new business.

Tips for launching a business from your garden office shed

These tips will help you figure out if you’ve thought of everything before your business launches. This doesn’t claim to be an extensive list, but it should prompt you to look at areas that are easily forgotten.

Will customers be visiting your garden office shed?

Having clients over to your property to discuss business comes with a certain amount of liability. If you think there might be a reason customers come to you – even occasionally, you need to factor that into your company’s insurance policies.

Insurance for a business that is online only and never customer facing, will differ from the insurance you require from having people visit you in your garden office shed. By being there in person, clients run the risk of hurting themselves and blaming you. You’ll also need to research health and safety, and it would be advisable to take a first aid course too. 

Basically, if people come to your office shed, they bring risks with them that you need to assess, prevent and insure against.

Client meetings in a garden office shed

Are any local or national policies likely to change?

Apologies for bringing politics into the discussion, but this is something that needs exploring. For example, if your business cleans out wheelie bins after they’ve been emptied and the council drops collections from once a week to once a month, your business will suffer. If you’re aware of these changes in advance, it gives you a head start on figuring out how to avoid any financial losses.

On the other hand, something might change in a way your business benefits and you might need to develop a strategy for if your workload becomes too much. Turning customers away is never good for business! For example, if you work in international marketing and the value of the pound decreases due to the political environment, you may get a sudden influx of clients from overseas. If you can foresee this coming, it gives you chance to look for freelancers you can trust.

Plan the marketing thoroughly

When you’re trying to launch a business, you need to hit the ground running when it comes to marketing. With social media making it harder than ever to get noticed, you need a strong marketing plan, that’s diverse enough to survive even the toughest algorithms.

Before the launch, networking should be high on your list of priorities. Search for local networking opportunities and attend them with a friendly smile and pockets full of business cards. Industry events might also be fruitful, so don’t be afraid to travel to make connections.

Learn from people who are already established. Facebook has so many millions of groups that you’re bound to find one relevant to self-employed people in your field. Listening to what’s working for others should help inform your future choices. People as a whole seem to love to impart wisdom, so it won’t be long before someone shares their secrets of success with you.

Accept a helping hand

Don’t be afraid to accept favours from friends and family. If someone is offering to help out, then chances are that they really want to help you. 

One mistake a lot of fledgling businesses make is assuming people they know are choosing them for their relationship and not their skill set. So what? This is your chance to impress – take it!


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