Modular Garden Rooms

Modular Garden Rooms – Your Ideal Office Solution?

Modular garden rooms are one of the leading choices when it comes to working from home. Expanding from the house into a dedicated garden room is the leap your business needs to take in order to grow. Cheaper in the long-run than renting commercial office space, modular garden rooms can be made to your exact specifications.

The nature of a modular garden room means it can be made quickly and relatively cheaply. Compared to building an extension, this type of room require minimal upheaval and won’t involve a hefty outlay for building costs.

Why Modular Garden Rooms Are The Top Choice for Business Owners

Thinking about moving your business into it’s own garden office? You wouldn’t be the first! Working from a garden office is a popular choice in the digital age. Lots of modern businesses don’t rely on face-to-face transactions, meaning your clients are likely to be based all over the world. It makes sense to save money (and the environment) by saying goodbye to the daily commute and working from home.

These days, lots of businesses are conceived the spare bedroom of someone’s home. As that initial good idea grows into something great, your business becomes in need of a home of its own.

Below are some fantastic reasons why modular garden rooms are a great place to grow your business.

Modular Garden Rooms

They’re Easy To Build

This type of room is made up of parts that fit together easily. They’re generally made of standard-sized panels that can mix and match easily, allowing for windows, walls and doors to fit in any order you like. In fact, the design possibilities are almost endless. 

Because they’re so easy to build, construction time is short meaning upheaval is minimal. You can have a functioning garden room ready in a matter of days from start to finish.

Modular Garden Rooms Are Customisable

The mix and match nature of these rooms means you can have almost anything you want. When you’re planning the design of your garden office, an expert will help you plan exactly what you want. Get the exact layout you need, without giving yourself a headache. Almost anything is possible!

Construction Costs are Relatively Low

A phrase every business owner loves to hear is “value for money”, and these garden rooms certainly are. Building them is relatively straightforward, so only a small construction crew is needed. The materials are used efficiently with very little wastage, which also helps keep costs low. 

They’re Cheap to Run

Modern garden rooms come with power, heat, uPVC windows and doors and they’re all fully insulated. The rooms are small and self-contained, meaning they don’t cost a lot to heat, and the insulation helps keep them warm for hours. Any costs from heating and using power in the garden room will count as a business expense and can be offset against your profit.

Garden Offices Look Professional

On the off-chance a client wants a face-to-face meeting, a garden office provides a professional setting to host a consultation. Impress your guests with purpose-built office to show you’re the right person for the job.


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