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Money Saving Hacks for Working in Your Cheap Garden Office

The whole point of creating a cheap garden office is to keep business expenditure low. It’s a sensible approach to be frugal when running a business, especially in the first few years when revenue can be unstable. This is why it makes sense to keep the running of your cheap garden office as low-cost as possible. There’s little sense in building an office in your garden cheaply, then splurging when you use it.

These practical tips will help save your business money in the long-term and keep costs low in an ongoing capacity.  

How to Keep Costs Low in the Running of Your Cheap Garden Office

Follow these tips to keep your business spending on track.

Shop around for energy and internet

Chances are, your garden office gets its power supply and internet from your main house. Shopping around for the best deals will not only keep your business costs low but also your person ones too! Some websites have a function where they’ll email you once your energy deal is no longer the cheapest around. To keep on top of utility and internet prices, you should run your details through a price comparison site a couple of times a year to get the cheapest deal. 

Another great tip is to make formal complaints about poor service. If your internet provider lets you down and it affects your work, you shouldn’t be expected to pay full price that month and should ask for a reduction from the bill. Most providers will do this as a gesture of goodwill.

Bulk Buy Products you Use in Your Cheap Garden Office

Depending on how much storage you have available buying in bulk is always the best option when it comes to money-saving. Things like pens and reams of paper will have a lower unit price the more you buy, so it makes sense to stock up and pay less.

When it comes to digital products, there are usually offers available if you commit to license a programme for more than one year, rather than working on a pay-monthly basis. Although these suggestions involve a larger outlay up-front, the savings in the long run will be worth it.

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Opt for Reconditioned and Refurbished

When it comes to second hand, people can turn up their noses at the thought. That’s why reconditioned items are a happy medium. Although they are items that have been used before, they have been restored to a state that is almost as good as new.

Going for reconditioned computing equipment can save you hundreds while you still get to use a high quality model for a low price. There are online shops that specialise in selling reconditioned tech, even Amazon sells some! 

Refurbished office furniture means you can get all the comfort of high quality pieces, with only a fraction of the price tag. This means you can opt for a comfortable executive chair that’s been restored to its former glory and avoid paying anything like what it’s previous owner bought it for. That’s a comfy way to save costs!


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