Garden bars to Garden dens

Garden Offices by Day, Garden Dens by Night

The wonderful thing about garden offices is they can quickly convert to garden dens. In fact, it’s advised that your office has a second function. By using your garden office for more than work, you might be able to avoid or reduce capital gains tax when it comes to selling your property.

Garden offices are usually structures that allow for a bit of creativity. They can be sitting rooms, garden dens, man caves, bars – you name it. Despite being for business use in the day, they can be used for anything you like in the evening. This means you can work during the day then kick back and relax as soon as you log off.

Inspiration for Turning Garden Offices into Garden Dens

Learning that your garden room can benefit from a dual purpose after setting it up as an office can give you all kinds of options. It may be difficult to decide what else you can use your office for. If you live with your family, they might have different ideas about what your office can be used for when you’re not working.

Ideally you need a use that will mean your equipment and confidential work will be protected. Using the office as a weekend play room could risky if your children are very young. If they’re the age where they’re interested in everything, there might be a danger that important things get lost or damaged.

Garden Bars are Popular Garden Dens

Garden bars are a popular choice when it comes to extra uses for a garden office. They can be kept in a compact area in the corner of the room. All you really need is seating and a drinks shelf, then you’re all set! 

The best thing about a garden bar is that if you’re clever with setting it up, it can take up minimum space but offer maximum impact. It can be pleasant to invite an evening client to stick around for a social drink if business is going well. You might be able to attract new customers by inviting neighbours round for drinks. 

An Office Can Naturally Become a Gaming Den

gaming: Garden dens

Gaming dens are a must for any casual (or serious) gamer. A gaming PC can easily double up as a work PC, or a games console can be set up too. If you’ve got enough wall space, it might be a good idea to set up a big screen to play on. It’s also handy to have some privacy if you’re gaming with a headset on. Talking to team mates without being interrupted might help keep you free from distractions and ready to win.

Hobby Dens Are Becoming Popular

With the rise of traditional hobbies becoming mainstream again, hobby dens are on the up. Pastimes like knitting, painting and sewing are now some of the top ways to unplug from modern life. The thoughts behind this is that people can unwind peacefully while switching off from technology. 

While your sewing machine might be digital and you might read your knitting patterns from a tablet, the idea is to step away from the constant contact of social media. Creating something is a pure joy that has been forgotten in recent years. Transforming your office into a hobby den out of hours will help you associate positive feelings around your workplace. It’ll also mean you don’t have to leave your office to unwind at the end of the day.


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