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Work From Home With These Outbuilding Ideas for Your Home Office

A garden office is a sought after structure for those who work from home. There are a few outbuilding ideas that work well as home offices, but not every structure makes a suitable office. Home owners often like to consider lots of different options before having a garden structure built. Some garden rooms work better than others for a home office.

If your property already has an outbuilding, it might be possible to convert it into an office. This list of outbuilding ideas might inspire you to have something new built or work on what you’ve got already. Whatever you decide to do, you need to read to this list.

Popular Outbuilding Ideas for Home Offices

Below are some of the most popular outbuildings that can be used as garden offices. Whether you need a small amount of space for an occasional evening of work, or you’re business is based at home all the time, this list has got you covered. 

Modern Canopy Garden Room

These garden rooms are perfect for those who take working form home seriously. If you’re likely to spend a lot of time in your home office, then you want something that’s got it all. A modern canopy room will be insulated for year-round working, have a power supply, heating and in-built lighting. There are usually lights in the canopy to illuminate the room in the evening and make it look beautiful in your garden at night. 

A modern garden room will usually be fitted with French doors, meaning your office will be bathed in light during the day, saving on electricity. As this type of room is often insulated too, it means working conditions will be comfortable throughout the winter. This is a smart option for anyone who works from home most of the time

Converted Garages are Popular Outbuilding Ideas

Garages are notoriously cold and dark. To truly turn one into a suitable office space it would be sensible to look into insulation options and good lighting. As garages are usually permanent brick structures, getting one professionally modified could leave you with a very stylish office. 

If you convert your garage, it’s very important to get the lighting right. Garages don’t let a lot of natural light in, so bright bulbs are essential for work conditions. Computers should be operated in a well-lit room to help prevent eye strain. It is possible to have the building modified to create more light, for instance it is possible to add a window and a uPVC door. Get a quote before getting your heart set on a garage office, it might not seem like an efficient use of the funds.

Garage outbuildings conversions

Could a dingy garage be turned into an office?

A Traditional Timber Summer House

An old-style timber summer house can look beautiful in your garden. As a garden office it can work well in the summer months providing there is a power supply and WiFi signal. 

This is a fabulous option for those parents who opt to do their job from home in the summer holidays. Sadly this isn’t ideal for all year round because these buildings aren’t usually well insulated.  

 Whichever outbuilding ideas take your fancy, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before taking the plunge.


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