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Setting Up Your Modern Home Office

Once you’ve made the decision to create a modern home office, you’ll be desperate to get started straight away. Lots of people have a home office inside their house when they are just starting out, but to help your business get ready for the future, a garden room office is a truly modern option.

It’s important to remember that a modern home office relies on so much more than just the structure it’s set up in. Equipment, decor and a modern culture will help your business grow and hopefully make it future-proof.

Tips for Setting Up Your Modern Home Office

Below are some great tips for setting up a modern office in your home or garden. It focuses on the technology you need, modern ways to decorate and a contemporary business attitude that your customers will love.

Find the right place to work

As mentioned above, a lot of home businesses will begin in a spare room inside your house. This is fine in the early days when cash flow is limited, but as your business matures, a stand-alone office will give a better impression to your clients.

You could re-purpose a shed or a summer house and turn them into an office, or have a garden room built specifically for your business.

Decorate your modern home office

The interior style you choose need to be both modern and timeless. You want to avoid very fashionable styles because they age quickly – it’s better to go for something simple and stylish that doesn’t look like it belongs to a specific trend.

Minimalism is a style that seems to age well, but if you prefer something with a bit of character, try to use independent businesses to accessorise so that it’s not clear which year you last decorated in. The key to having an ageless office is to avoid any decor that’s too fussy or distinctive. The room needs to look pleasant but not very memorable if it’s going to stand the test of time.

modern home office

Choose technology built to last

Giving your office an overhaul can require a substantial outlay. There is no point in cutting costs by buying inferior products. Instead, do your research and buy technology that is built to last – anything else would be considered false economy. 

Read around the subject, ask for recommendations and look after your equipment once you’ve invested. Making wise choices surrounding technology can save a lot of money in the long-run, as well as helping you to work more efficiently in the present.

A modern attitude will get you far

Modern life is busy and non-stop. People expect you to be available day and night, but if you’re the only person on your team, you have to accept this is not possible. Clients like to feel heard, so if they send a late night email and have to wait for a response, it could make them feel less valued. Set up an automatic reply for those who contact you out of office hours, and get back to them quickly when your working day starts again.

In the current economy, businesses will do whatever they can to gain and keep customers. It’s important to check you’re doing everything competitors are and more. Try to anticipate your clients’ needs, and show them why your business if best for them. Be innovative in your approach to problem solving and embrace any technology or services that will lighten everyone’s workload. 

Consciously trying to stay ahead of the game will help your clients see that your business is worth sticking with.


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