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Is a Summer House Office Right for Your Business?

While many people are looking for a professional solution for working from home, a summer house office might not have occurred to everyone. An office in a summer house does sound convenient. It means you won’t have to commute to work and you’ll always have somewhere to meet with clients, But is it right for your business?

Firstly, a lot depends on the type of summer house office you want to set up. A traditional wooden summer house without insulation, double glazing or a power supply isn’t a suitable fit. This type of structure might be fine for an hour or two of working in the sun, but without power, you won’t last long. Also consider is that it will only be usable during the summer months due to lack of insulation.

A modern summer house building is better suited to an office set up. Ideally you’ll need a room with access to power, WiFi and that has good security. A garden room with uPVC windows and doors will be a good option for your home office. You’ll also need to look at insulation and heating.

Would a Summer House Office Suit Your Business?

Depending on your business needs, a garden office in your summer house could be a great solution. Consider the list below and see if you find yourself nodding along.

summer house office

You Sometimes Need to Meet Clients

When you work from home, meeting clients can cause quite an obstacle. While many home-workers like to meet with clients over coffee or at the client’s place of work, it can be handy to have your own space for business meetings. Being able to meet clients in your own domain can help make your business look more professional alongside giving you a confidence boost by being on your own property. If you need to have client meetings, a summer house office could help solve your problems.

A Summer House Office Could Solve Security Issues

Working from home can be difficult if your home is a shared space. Whether you live with your family or other adults, using a room in your home as an office can be risky. Even if you trust the other residents to never steal from you or rifle through your belongings, things can get damaged or go missing. A garden office means your private documents and work equipment can be locked safely and securely out of everyone’s way. 

You Need Somewhere Quiet to Work

Shared offices and the home environment have some things in common – they can be noisy and lack privacy. Moving your work out into a garden building can solve both of those problems. A quiet room with only you in it is the perfect setting to get work done. You’re unlikely to be interrupted because you’re not close to others. If you’re really set on working in peace, you can even lock the door!

Your Business Needs More Space

While a lot of jobs can get by on just a laptop, plenty of professions still need space to spread out. If you work in design or if your work sometimes deals with hard copies then you definitely need the space. It’s important to be able to lay everything out without worrying about running out of room or encroaching on someone else’s area. It’s also helpful to know no one else will come and move your carefully laid out project.

If any of the above ring true for you, it might be time to get a garden office!


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