the garden office of your dreams

How To Plan The Garden Office of Your Dreams: Expert Tips

When your business has reached a point where it needs its own space, it’s important to remember that the garden office you build will be your customer’s first impression. First impressions generally stick, meaning that it’s really important to create a workspace that looks the part. If you’re going to being spending a chunk of your businesses money on building a structure, it might as well be the garden office of your dreams.

Rather than trying to do things as cheaply as possibly (which is often the goal for a lot of businesses), you should always consider how things can be done to best suit your needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end result will be expensive, it’s just a way of working that ensures no corners are cut.

How To Plan The Garden Office of Your Dreams (With Money in Mind)

The garden office your choose in your final plans is likely to last for the duration of your business’ lifetime. This means it should function for the future as well as the present, and some things should be kept neutral if they’re likely to date quickly.

This list will help you make you a sensible plan for the garden office that should wow your clients but hopefully won’t cost the earth.

Don’t skimp on space

If you’re having a structure built from scratch, it can be temping to opt for something with smaller dimensions in the hope you’ll save money. In most cases, the amount you’ll save probably isn’t worth the space you’re missing out on, especially in a business environment.

Obviously, if you were planning to go for an enormous office and instead opt for a small box room, there is likely to be a big difference in price. On regular office sizes, when the difference might only be a few square metres, it’s better to spend a little more for the extra space. As your business grows, you’ll glad of the extra room.

Get the best technology for your needs

Garden Office of Your Dreams

When it comes to technology, the phrase ‘best for your needs’ doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive tech on the market. While it makes sense to avoid budget products aimed people who only check their emails once a week, it’s also possible to avoid spending the sky high prices.

You might need to spend more for a fast processor or a bigger, better memory, but if the best you can get is aimed at someone who makes movies for a living, when the most exciting thing you’ll do is make a good spreadsheet, then it’s not something you need. 

Ask other people in the same professional what they use, and do your own research. If your job entails run of the mill office work, you can probably get by on mid-range equipment.

Buy hard-wearing furniture

Buying office furniture can be costly. Anything that’s built for a specific purpose can command a higher price tag for being niche. This means it can be tempting to save money by going for cheaper furniture. Sadly, cheaper furniture might not save much in the long run.

Buying hard-wearing furniture should be at the forefront of your mind. If you choose carefully, the furniture can last years while still looking as good as the day you bought it. Part of the secret to choosing well is avoiding light colours that can stain, and choosing only fabric that is unlikely to wear away. A pink velvet chair might look fancy when you first buy it, but two years down the line when the texture is uneven from wear and tear and the coffee stains haven’t washed out it won’t be looking so hot.

Mock leather is a good material to go for, it’s generally hard-wearing, is wipe clean and as a bonus it’s vegan friendly too.

The best way to plan for this is to make a list of what your dream office would entails and work backwards from the most high end products to something more realistic. This will reduce your spending but allow you to consider exactly what you need.


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