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Timber Garden Rooms – Common Questions About Garden Offices

Timber garden rooms are a popular choice when it comes to building a garden office. Since advancements in technology have made working from home more possible and practical than ever, getting an office built is a common thought that goes through the head of many a business owner.

Once that thought has taken off, lots of questions pop up about timber garden rooms and how they can work as offices.

FAQs: Timber Garden Rooms as Offices

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about timber garden rooms being used as offices.

Are timber garden rooms warm enough to be used all year round?

Modern garden rooms are all build with insulation, electricity and heating, which means you’ll be a comfortable temperature – whatever the season. Although your garden office might start off cold when you first unlock it on a wintry day, it’ll heat up quickly and stay warm too. The windows and doors are double glazed are a bare minimum which also helps retain heat. Even on the coldest days, you can have the office as warm as you’d like and there’s no need to fear any visiting clients might freeze.

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Do I need planning permission for a garden office?

Thankfully, most garden rooms are permitted under Class E planning guidelines. This means that as long as you adhere to the rules of this category and aren’t building a room to live or sleep it, planning permission is not necessary.

Can I have a toilet in my timber garden room?

An outdoor office with an in-built toilet is very handy and you’ll be glad to know it’s entirely possible. To arrange having a toilet and small sink installed, a plumber will need to be consulted at the planning stage to ensure they can make it work.

Having a look in your garden office will make life so much easier than if you had to traipse back and forth to the main house. It eliminates the opportunity for distractions which ensuring you make the best use of your time.

Can timber garden rooms be painted or stained?

Although staining your timber room isn’t necessary, it is possible. Seek advice about what sort of paint or stain you can use. If it’s colour your’re after, a rendered finish might be more up your street – this will give you a range of colours to choose from and a professional end result.

Do I have to pay up front?

Garden rooms are a big expense, which is why credit is available in most cases. Speak to your accountant about how best to fund and record having an office built for your business.

Can I get a bespoke garden room?

Gardens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This means most garden rooms are a bespoke twist on a traditional style. It’s unlikely any of your requests will seem strange or be completely unique, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. These rooms can be expensive and are always built with the customers in mind so chances are you’ll be able to have exactly what you want.


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