Modern Summer House

Turn Your Modern Summer House Into an Office

If you’ve got a modern summer house that isn’t being used to it’s potential, it might be time to turn it into an office. When your home business is going well and outgrowing the space it’s been existing in inside you house, it’s time to think outside the box (and outside your house).

An unused summer house is the perfect location for expansion – even better if it’s a modern summer house. Modern outbuildings are usually insulated, have great security and already have a power supply and heating. All you would need to do is shuffle a few things around and move a few things in.

Tips for Turning Your Modern Summer House Into An Office

Before moving out of the house and into your garden room, there are few ways you’ll need to prepare. Although the transition should run smoothly, taking time to prepare will make it even easier!

Below are the tops tips for turning your modern summer house into your own personal garden office.

Clear Out Your Summer House

If your summer house hasn’t been set up as an office, you’ll need to prepare it for its new purpose. Comfy chairs and coffee tables need moving out, and sensible storage and a workstation need moving in. To keep your office space looking professional, remove anything that doesn’t relate to your work. Books, hobbies and anything you’ve stored in the summer house should be entirely out of sight.

Modern Summer House

Get The Decor Just Right

What might have been suitable for a sitting room, could well be unprofessional for an office. Personal items, such as family photos on the wall will make a sitting room feel homely, but might seem too informal if clients are likely to visit. Instead, choose art prints and a minimalist look to keep the room looking more business-like.

Invest in New Office Furniture

Working from a room inside your house usually involves compromise. For example you might work at the dining table during the day, or a makeshift desk in a spare room. Without a dedicated workspace, it’s unlikely you’ll already have dedicated work equipment.

Treat yourself to some purpose-built office furniture. Keep your modern summer house looking smart for your clients by buying some carefully thought out furniture. Shelving units always come in handy, so line your walls with Scandinavian style shelving units. This type of shelving is very versatile, allowing for colourful storage boxes to slot in some of the shelves (helping you hide the less aesthetically pleasing items), and shelf space for small succulents and ornaments to decorate unused areas.

Other than storage, a smart desk and comfortable work chair is all you need. Keeping your office simple and minimalist means it’s easy to keep clean and less likely to become cluttered.

The Finishing Touches

Before you officially move in to your garden office, check the simple things like whether or not your WiFi signal is strong enough for you to work. If not, you may need to get a WiFi extender, or adapt your router to improve the reach.

It’s also wise to check the temperature to ensure it’s a comfortable place to work. You might find the room heats quickly if it’s small, meaning you need to adjust the thermostat or timers for when it comes on. It might take longer to heat on winter mornings, meaning you might need to set the heating to come on in the hour before your working day starts.

Once you’ve ironed out any niggles, your modern garden summer house will be the perfect place to work.


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