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Want to Build Your Own Garden Office? 5 Reasons Why You Should

If you’re looking to build your own garden office, it’s unlikely you’ll need a great deal of convincing. Once the thought enters your head, most people start mentally planning exactly how the office is going to look.

Building a garden office will require some financial outlay, meaning it may take some time to save up or consider finance options. Usually the time spent doing the sums is followed by a period of questioning whether you should build your own garden office. After all, you’ve managed this long without one.

When you begin questioning whether you can manage without a garden office, it’s time to remind yourself of why you wanted one in the first place. These great reasons below should help you decide whether it’s time to build your own garden office.

5 Reasons You Should Build Your Own Garden Office

Whatever business you run from home, it will no doubt be improved when given the chance to thrive in a dedicated office. Say goodbye to sharing your workspace with the rest of the household and say hello to productivity, growth and freedom!

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It Looks Professional

Having clients over to a spare room in your house can give the impression your business is operating at an amateurish level. If your house is shared by friends of family, it can look too much like a home and not enough like a place clients will be taken seriously. A dedicated office will instantly improve your image, making you look like a serious professional who’ll do the job well.

Even if your clients are remote, meetings over Skype will instantly look more professional in an office setting.

It’s Distraction-Free

Separating your workspace and your living space will create a mental barrier between the two. You’ll be less likely to succumb to distractions from around the home that are bound to draw you in. You won’t be tempted to sneak an episode of your favourite show, or break away to do a spot of housework. If you’re away from the main part of your home, your distractions will decrease and your productivity will increase.

You Can Switch Off Your Work Brain at the Door

Considering the point made above from the other side – switching off from work is more difficult if you work inside your home. If you build your own garden office, it makes it easier to separate work life and home life, and switch off when you log off for the day.

You Can Spread Out

Once you’re no longer holed up in the spare room, sharing your office space with the ironing board you can really begin to spread out. Your own dedicated office spaces means every inch of the room is for your business to use. Invest in storage, pick a comfy work chair and find a new home for everything your business needs. Having your own filing system and a great space to work is bound to feel glorious. The ability to lay your hands on what you need first time will be even better. Have a place for everything and everything in it’s place without worrying about how much space you take up.

There Are No Hidden Expenses

Another alternative to having a garden office built is to hire office space. It may seem cheaper up front, but there are often a lot of hidden costs you might not consider. For example, you’ll still need to travel to and from your workplace, meaning money for travel must be factored in. Once you’ve moved in to a rented office, expenses such as utilities, water and WiFi soon start to roll in. Often the rental agreement is for a fixed period, so if it doesn’t work out, you’re still left paying.


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