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What Are The Best Garden Rooms for Home Offices?

When it comes to choosing the best garden rooms for home offices, it’s important to choose something fit for purpose. An old shed or summer house without a power source simply won’t do.

A garden office needs to feel modern. Ideally it needs to be light and airy to give a sense of professionalism. If clients will be visiting your home office, it’s important that they get a good impression. If you work from a flimsy room that looks like it was once your granddad’s shed, it’s not going to fill them with faith. This is why it’s important to settle on an office that both looks great to customers, and also meets your needs exactly.

If you work from home, a large chunk of your time is likely to be spent in your  garden office. This is why it’s so important to consider the best garden rooms to work from. Weigh up what sort of space you need, whether you’ll be having lots of client meetings and how big the whole office needs to be.

Best Garden Rooms for Home Offices

When faced with making a big decision like building a home office, considering the best garden rooms can be a little overwhelming. It’s best to go for a modern room with lighting, heating, power outlets and good insulation. Other than those must-haves, the choice is then down to you. Size. shape and features of the room will depend heavily on your needs and preferences.

Below is a list of what we consider the best garden rooms for home offices. It should help you see the differences between each option and help you reach a final decision.

Canopy Rooms

This type of room is differentiated from the others by having a canopy which includes LED downlights. These light up the outside of the garden room, making it look stylish while creating good illumination. This type of room would be excellent if you work late, and especially useful in winter (when the darkness sneaks in early) if you don’t.

Lots of home business rely on working flexible hours to keep their clients happy. This often means meetings are requested for during evenings. If this sounds like your business, consider getting a room with a lit canopy to both guide and wow your customers.

best garden rooms - canopy room

Concave Rooms

A concave room is similar to a canopy garden room, but it offers encloses decking on all sides. This in turns offers more privacy. This can be a great office structure if your garden is very on display and overlooked by neighbours. If your business involves design aspects, clients might be happier with the added privacy.

Cube Rooms

A cube room is a fantastic compact option for business owners who need their own office space, but don’t need a lot of it! If your garden is small and space is limited, this is a fantastic choice for you.

Rendered Rooms

Stand out from the crown with a rendered garden room. With all the mod-cons of the other rooms available, rendered garden rooms come in 800 different colours! If you want to excite your clients and show that your business has some personality – these are probably the best garden rooms for you!

Border Rooms

These rooms offer another style option of having a powder-coated metal trim. Available in white, light grey, black and anthracite grey, whatever your choice, your garden office will look the part. It’s a smart finish for a professional business and is bound to help impress your clients.


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