Working in garden offices all year round

Why Garden Offices are the Best Place to Work All Year Round!

Garden offices are often in the thoughts of people who work from home. Most people who are self-employed and work in their own home will have daydreamed about a garden office more that once. The truth is, if you run a business, you need your own space. It’s hard to keep your things in order if you share the space with a partner, three children and seventeen Barbies.

Garden offices are purpose-built structures, designed to meet all of your needs – however big or small. So if you’re considering making the plunge and upgrading your workspace to your very own garden office, read these reasons why it’s and excellent idea.

Why Garden Offices are the Best Place to Work All Year Round!

A summer house-style office isn’t something that’s season dependant. Modern garden buildings are made to be enjoyed in all seasons (and all weather conditions). Whether it’s sunshine or snow, a garden office building will be a comfortable place to work in.

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Garden Offices Look Magical in Winter

Your workplace will never have looked as pretty as garden office covered in a light dusting of snow. Regular office buildings are renowned for being ugly. Unless you work in a high-end New York office, you’re likely to describe your usual work place as ‘functional’. Or maybe even ‘soulless’. 

An office in your garden will always look appealing – especially on those stormy days that make you glad your commute is done in less than a minute. To add to the magic, you could illuminate your path to work with fairy lights – it’ll brighten those dark winter days.

Allow the Spring to Motivate You

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The garden starts to turn green once again, birds return from their winter getaway to nest in nearby trees, and inspiration can be found everywhere. As the weather begins to thaw and new life springs, immersing yourself in nature can help motivate you after a long winter. 

Open you office windows and let the fresh air in. Take this time to declutter your desk and overhaul your time management. Working in a garden office in the early days of spring will help you feel refreshed and skyrocket your motivation.

Soak Up the Summer

Working during the summer can be a real drag. Spending sticky afternoons chained to your desk, when you feel you should be in a beer garden can be soul destroying. Luckily, running your own business from your garden means working hours can be flexible. 

To avoid the heat, you could start your day at 6 a.m. as soon as you wake up. That way you’ll have finished your working day shortly after lunch, leaving your afternoons free to enjoy the sun. This can be especially helpful if you have school-age children off for the summer – you can work and play all in one day!

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Cosy Up when Autumn Comes

Temperatures drop and the days get shorter. As everything begins to wind down for the year, regular office workers become fed up. Modern garden rooms come with heating these days, so you can cosy up in your garden office while you work. Since the building is only one room, it’ll heat quickly. You’re also close to your creature comforts, with blankets and slippers a stone’s throw away. 

Having your own space to work in will always improve your output. Being self-employed means you need to be self-motivating, and the peace of a garden office will help with that. You’ll be happy with your choice all year round.


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