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Can Wooden Garden Rooms Make Suitable Offices?

When it comes to working from home, wooden garden rooms might come to mind as a home office option. After all, it’s a quiet room, separate from the rest of the house but without the hassle of a commute. But is a garden room a viable option for an office?

Wooden garden rooms certainly look the part. Whether you’re looking out of your window into the garden, or you’re a client walking down the path for a business meeting, a dedicated office room looks smart and professional. 

It’s likely you’ll have some questions about whether or not a garden room would suit your office needs. One on hand, home businesses tend to have some very bespoke concerns, but on the other, more general business questions can be answered easily. Do your research, make a pros and cons list and get some financial advice before you take the plunge. While you’re in the mood for gathering information, have a quick read of this article as it answers some of the more common business questions.

Wooden Garden Rooms – Are They Suitable for a Home Business?

While most businesses operate in their own unique way, some common questions will crop up. With all businesses, there are universal rules and routes success. This article will answer some of the broader questions about wooden garden rooms being used for home businesses.

Can Wooden Garden Rooms be Treated as an Expense in Your Accounts?

The short answer is: it depends – ask your accountant. 

The more comprehensive answer is that there are a few factors to be taken into account. Has the room been built for you or was it there when you moved? If you didn’t spend money on having it built, then obviously you can’t count it as any sort of expense. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat some of its running costs as a taxable expense, it just means the expenses will be recorded differently.

If you had the garden room built yourself, what were your intentions? If it’s for office use only, you may have to pay capital gains tax when you sell the property. Conversely, if you use it for more than one pastime, you might escape the capital gains tax, but in turn be unable to claim the full building costs as an expense.

The best thing to do is always ask your accountant about what best suits your needs.

Can Garden Rooms be Used All year Round?

wooden garden rooms

Usually garden rooms are both heated and well-insulated. If you’re planning on having a garden office built then check what will be the most efficient and effective option for year-round use. Most new garden rooms will have excellent insulation, making them cheap to heat and good at keeping that warmth in. 

Are They Considered a Secure Structure?

Providing you’re having a garden room purpose built, you can discuss security with your planning advisor. Modern garden rooms will have secure, lockable windows and doors, meaning your valuables and client’s details are safe. 

If your garden room is an older structure that was there when you bought the house, you might need its security assessing. Generally speaking, if it has double glazing and all the doors lock then it should have been built with security in mind.

Can I Get WiFi?

Depending on how close to you main property your wooden garden room is built, WiFi shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re a little out of range and your signal keeps dropping, it’s possible to contact your provider and arrange another hub just for your garden office. All modern garden rooms have a power supply with a few power outlets, meaning internet access is unlikely to be a concern.


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