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Reasons to Work From Home in Your Garden Cabin

Your garden cabin may not be kitted out like an office, but it still might be the best place to get the job done on days you choose to work from home.

If you’re hoping for a productive day out of the office, then consider setting up shop in your garden room to seriously get stuff done.

Great Reasons to Work in Your Garden Cabin

In case you’re not someone who’s obsessed with their garden cabin (and don’t make excuses to spend all your time in there), here are some great reasons you might want to work in our garden room.

Interior of a garden cabin home office of a pink desk and a turquoise chair

A garden cabin is free from distractions

The worst thing about working from home is that it’s too easy to wander off-track. One minute you can be combing through an invoice from last July, and the next you might be lured into scrubbing that smear off your lounge window.

You might also be tempted to ‘quickly’ watch that show you missed on catch-up TV, or vacuum the stairs. If you work where you live, it becomes difficult to separate the two, and working in your garden room can help with that.

If you choose to work in your garden cabin instead of the main house, it becomes easier to mentally extricate yourself from all the jobs around your home that might steal your attention. The peace and quiet of treating your summer house like an office should help to eliminate most distractions and let you knuckle down.

It’s closer to nature

Working closer to nature can reduce stress levels and increase productivity. The benefits of working in an outdoor office tend to be based around breathing fresh air, and being closer to garden greenery.

Working in a room with a full view of the garden might leave you with a greater sense of freedom, which in turn should reduce any pressure you might feel surrounding your workload. Open the windows, breathe deeply and let nature make your work a breeze.

You’re more likely to work uninterrupted

Separating yourself from the main house and working from a garden room gives you a better chance of working uninterrupted. Instead of appearing accessible and working in the same house as your family, removing yourself from the building makes it much easier to avoid being bothered.

If your family see you sitting in the lounge while you work, they will be tempted to chat to you. This will almost certainly interrupt your flow and make your working day far less productive than if you’d turned up at the office and sat next to chatty Sandra.

The more effort it takes for your friends and family to interrupt, the less likely it is that they will.

filing in a garden cabin

It’s your own little space

Depending on the profession you’re in, the work you do might take up a lot of space. If you’re holed up in your own little hideaway, you can spread out as much as you like without the fear someone might move it or you might be in the way. It’ll also be reassuring that everything will be exactly where you left it when you return from your dinner break.

All of these reasons should be enough to convince you to work from your garden cabin tomorrow!



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