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Time Management Tips for Working in Your Garden Pod

Working effectively from home isn’t quite as simple as building a garden pod and sticking your laptop in there. When you’re in charge of your working day, you need to be self-motivating, and it’s amazing how fast the hours can slip away if you don’t make the best use of your time.

Tips for Managing Time When You’re Working in Your Garden Pod

Without a boss or a team at hand, you need to quickly learn how best to structure your day. These practical tips will help you plan, prioritise and get the most from your working day.

Shorten your to-do list

Working in your garden pod

This may seem easier said than done, but psychologists believe that the longer your to-do list, the fewer task you get ticked off.  A to-do list as long as your arm may help you keep a record of what needs to be done, but it’ll also keep you from doing it. Studies have shown that the mental load of knowing there are a lot of tasks to complete hampers your ability to do any of them.

The solution is to cut your list down to 3 or 4 items and only add more once you’ve completed the first batch. It couldn’t hurt to give it a go!


This tip goes hand in hand with the point above. The best way to cut down your to-do list is to assess each task on how urgent and important it is. A method suggested by experts in this field is to split all tasks into four areas: urgent-important, urgent-not important, not urgent-important and not urgent-not important.

Once you’ve figured out where each item on your to-do list belongs, it should make it easier to decide where your priorities lie. The urgent-important quadrant should contain anything that has a short deadline and is an essential task. Anything in this area will make up the first part of your to-do list.

Anything in the not urgent-not important section can usually be removed from your list altogether by either delegating, or deciding it’s not even important enough to do. This should also help shorten your list.

Prioritising will almost certainly mean you’ll never be hiding in your garden pod, despairing of your workload.

Time Management Tips for Working in Your Garden Pod

Add regular breaks to your schedule

When you’re working in your garden pod, it might be tempting to hole yourself away for long periods and work without breaks. Lots of people with a home office make this mistake because on the surface, it seems like it would be a more efficient way to work.

The truth is, if you don’t create time-limits for tasks to be completed, then your work pace can become stagnant and your productivity can plummet. The best way to combat this is to assess your tasks at the beginning of each day and give yourself a realistic time frame to complete each one in. Once you’ve got an idea of when each task should end, fit it a few breaks between tasks, even if most of the breaks are just five minutes to stretch your legs, they’ll really improve your productivity.

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