Productivity Tips For Working In Your Office Shed

Once your office shed is up and running, all that’s left to do is work!

Sadly, that can be easier said than done.

Although an office shed can provide a distraction-free work space, a skilled procrastinator will still be able to while away the hours with minimal output. If this describes you or someone you know, then it’s time to get to grips with these productivity tips favoured by hard-workers everywhere.

Productivity Tips For Working In Your Office Shed

So you’ve built an office shed, and even the lack of attention-averting disturbances hasn’t helped you keep your head down and get your work done.

These productivity tips will how your powering through your workload in no time at all.

Plan Distractions

Sometimes distractions can be a good thing – as long as you plan for them. Setting yourself small targets to meet before letting yourself have a reward can increase productivity by making you feel like you’re working towards something. Anything can count as a reward, even if you’re just working towards your next coffee break.

Hide Your Social Apps

Taking a quick break to scroll through your newsfeed may seem harmless enough, but those quick breaks can soon add up and rob you of valuable work time. Making it as hard as possible to open up any social media apps, will help you break the habit. Remove the offending apps from your home-screen (or even your phone). If you still need a hand, you can download a browser extension for your computer which imposes a temporary website ban for a set time period.

Stop People From Visiting Your Office Shed

For some reason, people seem to think ‘working from home’ is code for ‘doing nothing’. Once you utter those fateful words, friends decide it would be a great time to stop by for a chat. Be firm but kind and turn visitors away at the door. If you keep stressing that you’re very busy and would love to catch up when you don’t have so much work to do, your friends will have no choice but to leave you alone.

your new garden home office building

Get Dressed For Work

One of the perks of working in an office shed is that your can roll out of bed and into the office without getting changed. Studies suggest this could be a bad way to go about your business. By not showering and getting dressed for the day, you’re not informing your subconscious that you’re going to work. Even if you make a token gesture of slipping out of the pyjamas and into your lounge-wear, the process of ‘getting ready’ for will help you achieve the right mindset at the start of your day.

Work To A Strict Schedule

People who work from home often report finding it difficult to switch off. It’s common for them to blur the lines between ‘work time’ and ‘leisure time’, often starting later than intended and letting the end of the day bleed into the evening. A good way to stay productive when you work from home is to set start and finish times, then stick to them. When your work day is over, it’s time to log off and walk away. Likewise, when your day is due to start, you should avoid making excuses and honour the schedule you decided on.


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